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  1. does anyone know about Horwich Farrelly solicitors? as they have now "taken" over the account and starting to harrase me as well as BCW.
  2. I have never been to the property and it is his (aswell as all of my belongings) at the property.
  3. i have done that and also wrote bcw a letter wanting them to explain a few things to me ( how my ex could of changed it to my name without legal docs when i need legal docs to change it back to his name and for a copy of the contract that i signed) which 2 weeks later they sent me the bills again. IDIOTS lol but they have stopped contacting me
  4. I have been waiting for just over a month for the fraud people to call me back (they said within 3 days) and I haven't heard anything else from them or Natwest so I don't know what to do. Any ideas?
  5. I have been chased by BCW and I am refusing to talk to them as I keep getting calls when I have sent them a letter stating that all communication must be in writing. This morning both me and my fiancee got a rude awaking this morning by them calling me up which I'm really not happy about it and they still insist that its my debt. Any ideas anyone?
  6. i am taking him to court but about other things though, but thanks for the help
  7. I upgraded to an Advantage Gold account in the summer of 2008 to make use of the £1200 overdraft which I uped to £1300. After I had paid all the overdraft back I split up with my then partner who then found my card and pin number and took it all out again. I told the local branch this and they said that its my fault that he knows the pin number (I didn't tell him!!) and that I have to go to the police. Now the police said that its a bank matter and that I should go to them so I gave up a bit. But I requested a new card to be sent to my new address but they messed up and sent it to my ex.
  8. They was ment to be set up in his name and we was engaged not married.
  9. I have just split up with my ex partner who was in charge of the finances (our benefits was paid into his account so everything was paid by him). When we applied to E-on power to change overr to them in my ex's name we got letters back stating that is wasn't possible to do so. After 9 months I have moved down from Manchester to Lancing, West Sussex and I hadn't given anyone my new address except my ex to send my belongings to. I woke up one day to a 'Final Bill' Letter from E-on addressed to myself. I have sent them several emails (i have saved the replys) explainging that it was my
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