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  1. Eventually most creditors sell their bad debts for a fraction of the face value to clear their books and claim tax relief, you would have more chance of a lesser settlement with the DCA that buys them. I think they have as the payment threats (every 6months a letter saying pay in full by... or it will go to court) come to my german address and they are not from natwest anymore. It doesn't matter what you do, whether you waste your money paying Pennington's or dealing with things yourself you will still be pestered by debt collectors if they know your present address. Personally
  2. Was there any PPI & unfair charges with these a/cs? No unfortunately all the debt was after 2004 and as far as i know no unfair charges just the normal ones
  3. Hello there, i already wrote a thread in 2009 / 2010 about my situation, but I had waited to see how everything developes as i financially didnt have much other choice. I left UK 2008 with 15.000GBP worth of debt ( 1Credit card, 3Loans all with Natwest ). I arranged a debt management plan with Gregory Pennington back then. Since then I am paying the minimum payment (90gbp monthly). Signing the contract at that time I was clear with using them to communicate between me and natwest (i didnt take the 1000gbp credi card debt into the payment plan) my total debt woudl round up to 17900gbp in 5
  4. any lukc with finding out if the tick in the box is enough after 2004? as it is no personal signature, etc. Basically someone could get your online banking details and use such quickly to gain and spend the credit, no? thánks for the help.
  5. Thankyou Can it not be made a criminal offence if i do not forward a new non uk address or pobox- which would then mean they can use the european enforcement law? Also would a pobox be sufficient for them to see (and proof for myself to them) that they know i am outside uk?
  6. Hi there, have you had any luck finding out more? have tried finding out myself but am confused. Also, you seem upto date with things.. could you have a look at my post: debt in uk but now living in germany and see if you can assist me on such too? help appreciated thank you a million!!
  7. as far as i understand.. as long as they havent issued a ccj they cannot pass it on to a german court. but they still have my uk address but i should midwhile be taken off the electrol role by my housemates - is that enough for proof that i am no longer resident in the uk? shall i maybe open a pobox for letter correspondance (which again shows them no longer in the country) and just ignore their letters?
  8. thanks scott.. so before 2004 it would have been goodluck but as my loans were done over the natwest internet AFTER 2004 its bad luck and i cannot rely on such? would i still be able to settle for a final settlemnt without the pressure of cca unenforcable?
  9. thanks for the reply! its hard to understand that they wont be able to trace me here. no ccj issued just yet i think but who knows if they have. was living in a house share but havent changed address yet. was even thinking of final settlement. would that help or is it as simple as i am not in uk anymore they cannot enforce a court judment on me outside uk? that would mean debt free as long as not returining to uk?!
  10. Hi there, sorry as you all seem to be a lot more upto date than i am, but may i just ask if i understood this right... i have read through alot of threads but maybe noone was just as daft as i was.. .. cca unenforceable: Following situation. Took out a few loans with natwest. 3 of the 4 were online without actual signature (though it does say by agreeing with the ok button you accept..blabla). Does that mean that as i requested such online and no actual sinature was given by me that is unenforceable and that i can clear myself of the debt legally or at least do final setlement?
  11. do you guys think a final settlement would help. if i say i have two options and that is to pay say 3000gbp of the 17k (probably more like 15k now with all the debt management payments) as final settlement or go bankcrupt (which i acctually cant as living in germany would mean very strict bankcruptcy orders of 7years and more paying off and hassle with them controling every step i make and not been able to save for a future car or even new bed?!) would appreciate your opion on this! thanks a lot. this forum is great help!!!
  12. thanks jimbo, Got a german bank account. have made payments out of it though to my uk bank account which is an rbs account (My debts are owed to Natwest not Rbs so it isnt the same account) to keep on paying the debt management. but from this month onwards cant pay the minimum payment to the debt management anymore. shall i at least change the uk address to c/o, so they cant issue a ccj in the first place or just let that be too?
  13. Did you live in germany? as it seems they cant issue a ccj as i am not resident in the uk..right?! i want to send a letter to the bank stating that i no longer live at my previous address and that i actually do not have a permant address at the moment. shall i give out my german address? I read that it is enough if you change your previous address to c/o -my name- and then the ccj hasnt got a legal enforcement as c/o states that i dont live there but it is only a contact address. then i can say i have not had any letters from the bank when picking up my post every 6months there. I a
  14. here is a print out on the EPO Application of the procedure in civil and commercial matters The European order for payment procedure applies to civil and commercial matters in cross-border cases, whatever the nature of the court or tribunal. A "cross-border case" is one in which at least one of the parties is domiciled or habitually resident in a Member State other than the Member State of the court hearing the action. The Regulation applies to all Member States except Denmark, in conformity with the Protocol on the position of Denmark annexed to the Treaty on the European Union and th
  15. to my whereabout and them knowing it: only my debtmangement agency knows that i live in germany but not where exactly. according to natwest, rbs and capitol one i am still at the old address. have read in other threads that i should at least change my address to all banks and credit card companies to c/o at my old address so no ccj can be issued.. shall i do that?
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