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  1. im at work so my bedtimes a long way off yet! sleep tight:D
  2. thanks pink im very happy god checking on this board that court thing has def spread fear into people about whether or not they should continue its a shame really becuase i now alot of people who were going to start claims are probably going to get to scared off by it without knowing the full facts:(
  3. if you only sent it yesterday then dont expect a call already if you want to speak to someone leave a msg on there answer phone normally rachel or rob will get back in touch they work mon-friday and as soon as 4:30 comes dont expect to hear anything thats when they shut down for the day!
  4. pliny i was actually thinking the same about the judge maybe being a shareholder:lol: oh it was a county court hearing i will have to read the site again whn i logged on i had just woken up from my night shift so still a bit blurry eyed!
  5. have a great time freaky relax and take in the rays!
  6. what! a claim went to court and lloyds won over the consumer!
  7. oh dear i was afraid to come back on this post to see all the told you so and shaking of heads!:o:o i will write my letter today to the court to cancel that hearing thing thankyou all guys pliny,laterauls,castlebest,freaky and co i wonder how long this site will be around for do you think these refunds of bank charges will ever come to and end? or will people keep claiming for years to come? earlier on i had aproblem getting on this site so i just googled bank charges and i was sooo shocked to see that there are now soooo many websites dedicated to filling your claim for you etc wh
  8. maybe i shouldnt have said anything i can feel a told you so i told you so from you guys coming very soon:rolleyes:
  9. sweet jesus! i have my money i just checked my account on the off chance im at work now i cant belive it
  10. there is a post about getting your statemnts online? dont know if that helps either way the easiest thing is making sure you stick with the deadlines 14 days send another dont leave it habging hoping they will get back to you make sure you have put the £120 aside now to file your claim online in the next coming weeks as this is most likely the only way you will get the full amount back with intrest all the best
  11. ooh i didnt realise online goes back that far i only thought it was for a year or so this will be much easier for people starting out then
  12. thankyou guys for your opinion they have managed to ignore both my faxes so im not sure sending them another one will benefit,but i guess i havent got anything else to lose but i will write out my letter to dg today then send them the fax tommorow morning after i check my balance if i receive my money up till thursday then i will cancel the hearing thing if not i will just go to the hearing and see what they have to say i think thats fair?
  13. oh lord! dont get stressed for me please! i wont say another word about it!
  14. i thought as it was a ''listening hearing'' and not the full cort thing that it would speed things up to come to an easier end thats what i thought mediation rubbish was all about (assuming it is mediation)
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