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    Hello all, I had an experience with the DVLA today which has enraged me so much that i felt the need to post it publicly. I'm a member of the Armed Forces who has just returned from a stint overseas (Germany) where my car was registered as part of the British forces network. Upon my return to the UK i went straight to the dvla who would not process my application to register my car here as i did not have my certificate of UK insurance (although i had a policy number.) They sent me away with a few forms and told me to return once my insurance document arrives. So, after a complete nightmare with my insurance documents which in the end they had to re-send as next day delivery (got them at 3pm today) I set off for dvla Northampton. The drive from my barracks to Northampton is normally a good hour long drive, but as the roads were so bad today with the fog i was frustratingly sat on a jam packed A14 watching the minutes waste away. I couldn't contact the office directly as there is only a customer enquiries number for the dvla as a whole i am led to believe? So, i phoned a northampton based friend and asked him to save the day for me and plead with them to maybe hold on 10-15 minutes for me. I arrived at 17:01 (lol) and was instantly met by my buddy with that sort of look on his face that told me they were having none of it. So i went inside and pleaded my case and was rather rudely told to leave. To top it all off i found they are not open on a Saturday. How the motoring body of the UK can justify not opening their offices on a Saturday is beyond me. I know this post has no resolution and i will just have to wait till Monday but my car has no UK tax and i have a demanding uk based job which means i travel alot. It was more the manner they handled my plea and the way i was abruptly spoken to in the office. I'm sorry but i haven't spent time fighting for this country with a Union Jack on my sleeve to come back and have some snobby little nobody look down his nose at me. Rant over, Thanks for reading. Mark
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