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  1. Dear Tomtubby, I have tried to contact you through e-mail but did not get a reply. I have a hearing on the 29th of March regarding my case. The Reading Borough Council is basing their case, that I have not changed my V5 registration of the car and it was still registered to my previous address. Will that come against me? The V5 registration was changed around 2 months after the ticket was issued (Ticket issued on the 19th of January - V5 of car was changed mid April). If you could please contact me, as I have some questions that I need to ask as well. Kind regards, Jason
  2. I have asked the TEC to resend the letter to me. Will get back to you when I receive it. Thanks,
  3. I have contacted the TEC and they said that the only information they given the Judge is the Declaration Form that I have sent them and nothing else. They also suggested to ask for a hearing to the local county court by a District Judge.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Any comments about their lies? Could you please take a look at my other posts. Thanks for all your help.
  5. I have contacted the TEC to find information about the Warrant and the Refuced appeal. The Warrant has been changed to my new address from the Bailiffs. The name of the Judge is District Judge Oldham. I have asked for a copy of the refuced appeal.
  6. And in addition to their lies again, with the typing error I question if it is a typing error, why are they explaining and I quote from their e-mail: How is this an error??? Please advice!
  7. I can't find the letter that was sent to me to see if the Judge's name was mentioned. I will check again at my office. Will it possible to get a copy of that decision from anywhere? I have also read some of your other threads regarding the Warrant of Executions. You mention that the warrant is established on an address, which in my case would be my previous address. Shall I contact the TEC and ask the actual address on the Warrant? I have also attached an e-mail sent to me today. Which I have replied that even if it is a "typing error" they still do not justify why they did not consider my letter!
  8. Sorry for the confusion. I have appealed on the N244 and have paid £40 to review the Out of Time Stat Dec without a hearing and this was sent to the TEC which was again refuced. But again no reason was given to me of why it had been refuced. The £60 mentioned were money that I gave to the Baillifs to gain some time and get them of my back.
  9. I have sent them the letter and got no reply from the Council. I have tried to make a stage 1 complaint and again the Transport Manager of Reading did not want to hear about anything I had to say and told me to talk to the Bailiffs and she would not do anything about it. I went to the County Court and Magistrate Court and asked for advice regarding the N1 form, but they told me that I cannot do this process as I am not re-claiming back the money because I have not paid them yet. I am still stuck here and I do not know what to do next. I have made a Stage 1 Complaint to the Bailiffs but I do not think that this will resolve to anything! Please advice!
  10. I have paid them £60 in order to "buy" some time for me to act. Does this letter then not apply in my current situation? Do I then complete a N1 Form directly and Reporting a crime committed under the Fraud Act 2006??? Sorry about all the questions, just want to be sure of what I should do!! ?
  11. Thank you for your quick reply and excellent response. One "stupid" question. Do I have to pay the bailiffs before I claim for a refund from the Council? Thanks again, Jason
  12. Hi Nintendo, Yes the notices were sent to my old address as what I was told by the Council. The bailiff did turn up to my new address after checking through the DVLA when I had changed my address Regarding their charges, to address them I will need to pay £40 to check if they are charging me correctly. I did not find any other way of challenging it. If you do know any other way please let me know. I have made a complaint to the ACEA but I did not get any reply from them. I called the Centre and they told me that a Director will contact me but this has not been done. This was two weeks ago. I will try them again today. I have made my complaint to the Reading Borough Council and their reply was that you have to solve this with the bailiffs. There is nothing we can do if the case is with them! I have completed a form to be checked by the County Court. I have paid £40 for the matter to be reviewed by a Judge without a hearing. Where can I make this complaint? I will write another complaint to the Reading Borough Council, but I do not think this will resolve to anything as I have already done so in the past. Thank you for your time. If you have any other suggestions I would be really greatfull if you could share them. Thanks Jason
  13. I have been recently notified by Collect Services Ltd, regarding a parking ticket that was issued against me. In fact, I had moved from my previous address in Reading, into my new address again in Reading (just 0.5 miles away), and it did not cross my mind to change my V5 registration of my car (this was my fault, I totally understand this!). When I had to renew my road tax I did the process online and after two weeks when I did not receive the road tax disc I called the DVLA and told me that my car was still registered into my previous address. I made the change right away. In the meantime though the parking ticket was issued! All the notices though were sent to my previous address! On the 3rd of August 2009, I received a letter from Collect Services Ltd, (date on the letter was on 30th of July) stating that I have to pay £122 for the parking ticket. On the 5th of August, I sent them a letter telling them that I was unaware of the parking ticket and I am willing to pay a reasonable amount of the parking ticket. I have a confirmation e-mail and letter that they received my letter on the 10th of August! On the same day, a bailiff came, and left me a letter telling me because I was not in and they were unable to collect, the amount due now was £266!! This was just a week after their first notice! On the 13th of August (date on letter was on 11th) they sent me a letter stating that I had to change my V5 registration and therefore I should pay the full amount of £266, and not £122! They disregarded my letter! I have questioned why they did not take into any consideration of my letter telling them that I am willing to pay, and they would not answer! Eventually, the answer I got was that the Bailiff came on the 7th and not the 10th, which is a total lie as I have the letter that they left me and is stating 10th of August! I told them that was not true as I have the letter, and they did not come back to me! I did visit the CAB and their advice was to pay the bailiff as there is nothing I can do. There is no protection for the citizens against them as there are no laws to keep them in reason. The only way is that you pay to go in court and have a hearing which you need to pay for. The other way is to make a claim against there charges to be checked that you will again have to pay for. I was informed by a friend of mine that I should complete a TE7 and TE9 forms as I did not receive any notice to owner. My application was REFUCED, without any given reason in their letter. I have contacted the TEC to ask for the reason, and they could not give me one as they did not have any information. It is also stating in the letter that if I wish to question the decision into my local court according to 75 (2) I should complete a form. No form was included and no instructions were given of how to get that form from! Please advice!
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