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  1. Thank you, sailor sam, JimmySpangle, BaldyBaldwin, WelshMam2009, My Real Name and Jamberson It was very enlightening, I will appeal based on the Within the period of 28 days". Will see... I will let you know how this case ended. Regards Ciupas[/font]
  2. Hi Thank you for reply. The address is 26 Banner Street EC1, Islington. Thats the entrance with Yelow sigh 'MAX. HEADROOM 2.4M' I have also attached the PCN. Thaks again.
  3. Can you advise please...? I have parked my van in front of gate of the office building or more precisely sideways on the driveway behind yellow line (there was another car parked right in front of the gate) I thought that if you are parked behind yellow line its private property. Anyway I’ve got ticket for the following contravention: 624 Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of road other than carriageway. Secondly on the two pictures attached to the PCN the registration mark is not fully visible I mean - one digit of the vehicle registration mark is not visible at all. On first picture you can see first half and on the other the second half of the registration plate - but without the middle digit. Do you think I can appeal against the PCN?
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