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  1. Hi, Yip after you have paid half of all monies due, you can VT the car without penalty. Although some people reckon this does harm your future credit rating.
  2. Cheers for clearing my question up dx100uk. I hope postggj is on the road to recovery now then? Forgot to add. Sorry for hijacking this thread.
  3. Hi all, I've been reading the CAG forums for a while now and one thing that has always got me thinking is the following. I have noticed quite a few instances with people having difficulty regarding welcome finance that a member on this site called "postggj" offers very good sound and initial advice whilst also taking an active interest in helping the OP's out. I must mention the fact that yes I do recognise other posters on here who then try and help out in any way they can. However I have noticed on many occasions that postggj rarely see's this through to the end and goes missing after helping the OP's out, they are then left high and dry trying to resolve their problems with welcome. I was just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this, I don't mean this to be a dig at postggj in any way, but I have been curious for months as to why he dissapears, after initially agreeing to help the OP's out. If postggj reads this then please understand that I'm not dissing you in any way, just curious as to what the reasons are?
  4. Hi guys/gals, Thanks for the helpful advice. I've just phoned the fcukwit at welcome finance and asked him to send me what he was requesting via letter.......and the idiot has agreed to send me a letter. This should be interesting. What he was asking me to do was go back to my original contractual payments, which was why they took me to court in the 1st place because I had defaulted on the original contractural payments , as I couldn't keep them up. I Sent a full income/expenditure to the court and detailed what I could afford to pay, made them an offer and this was accepted by the court and Welcome. I really don't think this idiot from welcome has a clue, as he also mentioned in our original telephone conversation that I don't have an agreement in place with welcome. I suspect that he doesn't even know that it's been to court and a CCJ was granted against me. I shall await this letter.
  5. Bump - Can anyone else advise on this please?
  6. Hi all, looking for some advice and info if possible. Welcome took me to court way back in 2006 and a CCJ was granted against me. I have no complaints about this and for the past 4 years I have made all the payments every month on time which was accepted by Welcome and the court. Fast forward to the beginning of March this year and I received a letter saying that my account was being moved to another branch/office as the original one where my account was being held was being closed down, along with my account manager who has been laid off. My new account manager, who resides at the new office where my account is now being held, phoned me on Friday telling me that my account has now passed to him and that my payments will have to increase as what I have been paying for the past few years isn't regarded as being enough. I politely told him that I wasn't in a position to up my payments and that I have contractually stuck to the agreement made via the court back in 2006. He advised me that if I don't increase my payments they (welcome) will now sell the debt onto a DCA and let them chase me for the money. Basically what I want to know is can they do this? Wouldn't they be in breach of the court order they accepted back in 2006 as surely Welcome cannot change the conditions of what was agreed via the court when it suits them. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Any updates on this story. I have been reading through the topic for the last hour and would like to know what the final outcome was/is. I hope it ended in your favour Tiler1
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