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  1. Part of letter received from my letting agency saying what I will need to provide if I need to asked for a rental payment holiday. Can anybody commend on if this is right. Any payment holidays are only being extended to landlords whose tenants are experiencing financial difficulties due to the current pandemic and, as such, you will be required to provide proof of this. Proof of your financial difficulty to allow the landlord to seek this 'holiday' can be provided as follows; - Sign off note from doctors (obtainable via 111) - Comparable wage slips showing a decrease in income or SSP payments - Bank statements for comparison showing the same decrease in income - Letter from your employer showing reduced hours/layoff - Letter from your accountant confirming a reduction of income - Copy of benefits claim In the same way as mortgages, the rent will not be written off. It will still be owed and accrue on your account so we are asking you to do as much as you can to pay your rent in order to help you in the long term, by minimising the debt.
  2. Letter received dated 29/03/2018 Dear Mr ********* We would like to advise you, following our investigation, that the balance on this account has been written off. The account has been closed on our system and you will no longer be pursued Your sincerely
  3. Only asked because we moved house and the two year Royal Mail redirection ends 5th May 2018. But i have not heard from Idem since Jan 2016.
  4. The default date for this account was 31/12/2007 and last payment was 14/02/2012 does it become Statute Barred after 6 years or 6 years + 1 month.
  5. Hi I have a Halifax cc outstanding account approx £7000.00 open in oct 2002 defaulted in 2011 full payment made up to the end of 2007 reduced payment plan since 2008 last payment june 2013 I have requested a cca their answer letter most of which I understand except as the account was open before april 2007 they should provide a true signed copy of the original agreement. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45367[/ATTACH][ATTACH]45367[/ATTACH]
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40994[/ATTACH]Received letter from Ardem today.
  7. sent account now in serious dispute letter RD to arden today and send account back to idem servicing.
  8. Received letter from idem servicing this week saying they past my account to arden for collection. received letter from arden asking me to contact them to arrange payment never received a cca agreement from idem servicing.
  9. Quickquid won't agree to my 12 month payment plan or loan plus 1 months interest, but have given me an address to post cheques to. Not seen this on any posts before. QuickQuid is the trading name of CashEuroNetUK, LLC. CashEuroNetUK LLC is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the United States. Head Office: 200 W. Jackson Blvd., 14th Floor, Chicago, IL USA. Correspondence Address: 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS. Consumer Credit Licence #: 603395. Please detach and return the payment stub below with a banker's cheque before your due date to avoid additional fees. The address below is for payment processing only. QuickQuid Collections PO Box 47 Sheffield S98 1DR Name: Account Number: Due Date: Amount Due: £ Amount Tendered: £ Meaghan T
  10. Update: Account in dispute letter send Monday signed for today by Idem. Wait to see what happen.
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