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  1. so do i need it witnessed by anybody? or do we fill it out and send it off? thanks for the advice, nice sig aswell lol
  2. I've just had a visit from a baliff today was just looking for a bit of help or advice. Basically me and my girlfriend rented a flat from last june till january. It was a new build so it hadnt been banded by the council then - therefore we didnt pay any council tax. We made numerous calls to them just to keep getting told that wed be contacted about it when it was banded and how much we needed to pay - we werent. Anyway, just before we moved out we received a letter from the courts & council saying it was going to court as we hadnt paid anything. We accepted this and waited for response - i think it was something along the lines of if we didnt pay or setup payment plans baliffs could take our posessions. This was back in January, and we couldnt get time off work to attend the hearing - i think it was a liability order granted? Since moving back to my mams ive heard nothing from the council - even though ive contacted them 3 or 4 times asking to set up a payment plan and giving my new address. All ive been told is that they will send a payment book. They have sent nothing. To cut a long story short its been a bad year and this was at the back of my mind until today when i got a visit from a baliff demanding payment in full or he could remove my possessions. I live at my mams and really have none of my possessions here apart from my clothes. I told him i was on the sick at the moment but offered to make some sort of payment, which he refused and said he needs the payment in full by Monday. Im on the sick for depression at the moment - and the baliff also asked me if i could borrow the money from family or friends - which after reading up about the subject is wrong and violates their terms or can be classed as harassment? I did let the baliff inside of the house also, which im kicking myself about now, can he prove this if i say he hasnt been? I was directed here from mse forums - and also advised this - You need to get your mum to sign a statuary declaration saying that all the furniture etc in the house is hers, get it witnessed by a solicitor (£5) and then keep it to hand to show the bailiff if/when he comes back. Is that correct? Im contacting the council tomorrow also about the situation - il lpost the outcome on here aswell Im just looking for a bit of advice or guidence on what to do next and if anyone had been in a similar position? Thanks for any advice
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