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  1. Thank you Maya. It is the way it should be done - tell your tenant that they are in arrears and if they ignore your message then you issue something more serious, like that Notice. But this time I believe Housing Association's (Contour Housing) finance officer did not follow the rules. OK, I can live with this, rent arrears are cleared now by the Housing Benefit, I am paying my part - I was always paying with no gaps, but I am still not !00% sure does this affect my credit rating. But as it was said above - it can be improved.
  2. Only yesterday I received a letter stating that I am in arrears, backdated by 9 days. So, firstly comes NSP and then message that I owe rent! Does anybody know are there any future effects of the Notice Seeking Possession?
  3. Actually there's not much to check - I do not borrow money - I do not buy anything if I have not enough cash even a car and I do not have any monthly payments like mobile phone plan. I checked the website you reffered and will finish registration on Mon.
  4. Thank you Jansus for reply. It is not right time for me to look for a mortgage yet because I am jobless now. Yes, I believe you're right about that after some time my credit rating will improve if it is affected by that Notice. But it is possible that it does not affect at all, but if it does it is not to late to do something, I guess. Today I am less worried than yesterday. Actually I was shocked yesterday when housing officer brought to me that Notice Seeking Possesion because I had no idea about freezing of the Housing Benefit. Do you know easy way to check credit rating?
  5. My HA stopped receiving Housing Benefit payments, I did not know that it was frozen for some 7-8 weeks. I kept paying on time every week my part of £23; HB was £55. 4 weeks ago my wife started her part time job. Today I received NSP ground 10 and 11. I believe arrears will be cleared soon by the council, but it is not my fault that HA did not get rent on time. Are there any after effects of this matter in order to get mortgage/credit checks? If they are, can they be removed somehow?
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