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  1. Hi, What was the outcome ? did they drop the case or did they settle financially ? Regards
  2. Hi, im surprised that the company have not requested for the date to be within the next month, as they will want to get it over and done with asap, as it is costing them time and money. Regards
  3. Hi, Have you heard anything about a date yet ? Hows the evidence gathering going ? Regards
  4. Hi, If they are watching they can use everything in this blog as evidence, be carefull that you only state facts and dont give anything away. Regards
  5. Hi, Do you have any examples of where the staff say things and the cctv does not tie in ? Is this the alleged code incident ? Regards
  6. Hi, Sorry if i repeated myself, have you got anything that will surprise the comapny at the et, any new evidence to prove your innocence ? Anything that they cannot argue. Regards
  7. Hi, Was the handwritten notes that were unreadable signed by you ? If they are the company does not have to supply a typed up version. Regards
  8. Hi, You say that no evidence was ever released to you, but in post #7 you say you was shown cctv and screen shots ? this is surely evidence ? you have also been supplied minutes of the meetings, again this is evidence ? also in post 26 you submitted a statement from your oh , this is again evidence ? Regards
  9. Hi, Sounds unusual, i had over 100 pages in my et, and i was never ordered by the judge to reduce this ? Regards
  10. Hi, How do you know what they will and will not be using in the et ? Why do they have to slim down there documents ? surely if they have listed all the documents, then all of those will be used in the et ? Regards
  11. Hi, Glad to hear that you have won the county court claim and the information commisioners office complaint, now just the et to go. Have they not supplied you all there documents yet that they intend to use at the et ? Regards
  12. Hi, Was just wondering if you had heard back from the ico yet ? Have you received your dates for the et ? Regards
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