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  1. Since living in this property I have changed suppliers a few times to get the best deals. For some strange reason a couple of years ago I moved from Southern Electric to Npower and immediately they said I was £300 in arrears! I must have been drunk when I changed to them! I had never been in arrears with SE. While I was with Npower they kept increasing my direct debits until I was eventually paying £230/month and I was still in debt with them! This for a normal 3 bed semi dual fuel contract. Eventually I came to my senses and am now with Age Uk as I am over 60. They immediately dropped my dd t
  2. Is it really that long since I made this post?! Sorry, but here is the rest of the story. Because I was hospitalised twice in Corfu the insurance company opened two separate claims. The above payment was for one of the claims. I received another payment for just under £700 for the other claim. They stated that there were some taxi fares that they would not cover. I decided to accept these payments as this had dragged on for months and months. This was not the fault of AIG though, it was caused by my GP. The insurance company wanted my GP to answer a questionnaire about my health. The GP's rece
  3. Believe it or not when I was in Corfu I had left my EHIC card in the bedside drawer at home! Thomas Cook put my wife up in a hotel in Corfu Town and she got taxi's to see me each day. Each day the doctors asked for the card. She phoned my son at home, he took the card to the local Thomas Cook shop and they faxed a copy to the hotel. My wife brought the copy to the hospital and they were overjoyed to see it, no really they were. So it would appear in Greece it really does work.
  4. A little bit late I know, but have only just joined. After spending a week in Corfu General Hospital in October I won't have a word said against our NHS. Don't get me wrong the doctor's and nurses over there worked their socks off, but the building was crumbling around them. I know the NHS has some glaring problems but I definitely appreciate it more than ever now.
  5. Hello First post here. My wife and I recently went to Corfu for two weeks holiday. Whilst there my wife fell and broke her wrist and I was hospitalised twice after picking an infection up. We missed our flight back as I was still in hospital so I arranged our own flights back to Birmingham with Thomson as Thomas Cook were only prepared to fly us to Gatwick. When we finally got back home after 20 days in Corfu I calculated my out of pocket expenses as 920 euros. I put a claim in to the holiday insurance (Argos Insurance for AIG) detailing everything clearly and today I received a cheque fo
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