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  1. Good luck. I just wondered why you were raising a second claim. I am bound by limits in Scotland. Was your first claim for over £5,500?
  2. Mighty me! They HAVE done it! HOwever.. Lite-2 is no longer available. The cheapest subscription is £1 a month more than mine, so I think I'll shut my trap now!
  3. Yep - they tried that cocoa with me too. Are you Scotland too?
  4. Well my chums at Abbey have been very quiet. (Well - apart from sending me A THIRD set of my statements - like buses - you wait forever, then 4 come along together). So, it's court action time again Monday!
  5. I eventually got the telephone number for them (overseas) 08702401637. 'Jerome' has advised me that the subscription information will be on the site within the next 48 hours. ... we'll see...
  6. I have now asked Lovefilm the same question 7 times. Every time, I get the same, stupid response (always incorreclty spelled) "Eloborate on your query so we can help". I CANNOT 'eloborate' (!) any more than I have. 7 times. Is their customer service based overseas? My question is: You describe my subscription as 'Lite-2'. I do not see a DESCRIPTION of this subscription on your site. Where is it? You have previously directed me to: https://www.lovefilm.com/account/change_package.html As you will see, there is NO MENTION/Description of 'Lite-2' package. Please direct me to the PAGE with the DESCRIPTION of the 'Lite-2' Package. I need to know this - Are they breaking the law by not displaying the terms and conditions of this specific subscription? I did not choose this package. They 'put' me on it when I asked them to reduce the amount of DVD's they were sending me. Thanks
  7. Then I would enquire about an overdraft with the other bank.
  8. Have you not got a parachute account set up yet? What do Abbey's terms and conditions say about overdrafts?
  9. Stick to the timeframes in your letter - never change that. The court need to see that you have acted reasonably and done exactly what you said you will. If they have said they have reduced the charges to £12 and will only refund the difference, tell them you accept that money ONLY AS PART of the claim and you will continue court action as laid out in your letter for the remainder. If (as I suspect) they have said the new £12 fee is in line with 'the recommendation from OFT' point out that OFT NEVER advised this was fair. They only said that £12 was the amount at which they will become involved. My court date was set for when I was on holiday, and the court would not allow me to change the date. I had to hire a solicitor (£40 - refundable as part of the charge) to represent me.
  10. Thanks Alan. I suppose I will have to wait and see what comes in the post. It's just that the wait is pretty stressful. I do spend a long time searching the site, but I don't see any other cases which are similar to mine. I'll keep the thread updated with any movement and carry on trying to find similar case studies. Thanks
  11. bump....? Assuming the DCA send what they say they will, is this enough? I have still not heard from Halifax. They only have until 9th December. If I don't hear from them at all, what is my next step? Thanks very much
  12. Heard from DCA again: "I have noted the contents of your letter and would refer you to the second paragraph of my letter which clearly states 'a personalised letter of authority has been requested and will be sent under separate cover' I also stated in the same letter that a completion statement has been requested which will provide the details requested in your letter" Is this enough..? It hasn't arrived yet, and I have still to hear from the Halifax.
  13. Hi Jacqui. Don't worry - you'll soon pick up the site. The numbers (eg 105) mentioned can be seen at the top right habd corner of each 'post' (these boxes of messages. This is number 127 (it says 'permalink' beside it). A 'thread' is each of these complete stories. Eg - this 'thread' (story) is called "Bookworm v Barclays". You will be able to start your own thread - call it Jacquilottin v Woolwich or something similar. You use that to keep us all up to date with what is happening with your story - eg - every letter you receive/send etc. We can then give you help as we can see the full story. Regarding your concern about the bank sending you stuffy letters saying they are going to defend - trust me - we have ALL had them! To date, no-one has lost their case because the banks don't actually HAVE a defence - they just SAY they have to frighten people off. DON'T be frightened off! We are all really helpful and friendly here, and will hold your hand every step of the way. Don't panic - it's not every day you do something like this, but once you have come through the other end you will feel SO empowered! I'd say 'good luck', but you really don't need it - just time and nerve!
  14. Yes - really keen to hear who charged you £19 for template letters..?
  15. Well done! The sherriff officers must be getting pretty peeved at having to play along with this farcical little game!
  16. Please start your own thread so we can keep track. Why did you pay £19 for templates..? They are free on this site... £38 is the full charge, so that is what you claim. The interest is over and above this and is calculated on a daily basis in relation to how long it has been out of your account.
  17. That's very true Alan! I'll keep you posted as to their next move! Thanks for all your help again. You are keeping me sane (ish!)
  18. I asked them to provide all the information they have on me.
  19. Sorry - meant to say, I did send an SAR to the DCA, and all they sent me was the stuff I mentioned. Seems like a monumental waste of £10! Are they able to cash and keep that money for the useless scraps of paper they sent me?
  20. Thanks very much Alan. You are such a help. Letter going off tomorrow.
  21. Thanks Alan. I know - I can't believe I lost the slip! Too much paperwork! They haven't cashed the cheque, so another on the way. I don't remember who I was paying beforehand. I didn't really pay any attention. I kind of stuck my head in the sand a lot back then. I'm glad to say that things are different now. Does it make a difference if the debt is to the Halifax or the indemnity insurers? I suspected the standard letter was useless. Even if a 'personal' one arrives, it surely will also be useless as it will just say the same - but with my name. What do you think I should write to the DCA now?
  22. Thanks Sarah. I also sent them a copy of the letter I sent to the court which CLEARLY states that I am not accepting the payment as 'full and final'. I have never signed any of Abbey's stupid little bits of paper. They make me SPIT! And that's not ladylike!
  23. GOD!! This bunch are incredible! Now received a letter from them saying: Payment was made to you in full and final settlement of this claim. No discharge in favour of Abbey is required. Abbey now views this claim as finalised. To this end, we enclose a joint minute of settlement and joint incidental application. Would you please sign and return the same to us for our filing with the court. Any further actions you may elect to takle against Abbey is a commercial matter for you. Abbey's rights in this regard are reserve" (What the be-jaysus does THAT mean!?) I made it VERY clear in the letters I sent them: 19th October: I accept this payment in respect of this case only, and would make it clear that this does not, in any way, restrict me from making further claims against Abbey in respect of other unlawful charges. letter to court (19th October): I have made it clear to the Defendant that my acceptance of the payment is in respect of this claim only, and does not restrict me from making further claims against Abbey in respect of unlawful charges. They will be receiving another letter, and action will start against them on 20th November. They are SUCH clowns!!!
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