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  1. Is no-one able to help with: Can a mobile van 'get you' I you are driving away from the van? Is the van set up to take oncoming traffic only? Because I was briefly on the opposite side of the road (ie - the same side as the van) briefly - due to the traffic light single track system, does this make a difference? Thank you
  2. Don't think I miss the point....? Not sure I undestand your response. Anyone else?
  3. Morning. I was driving (well within speed limit) locally today and came to a set of temporary traffic lights. The road was, in effect, single track due to this. Admittedly, I put the foot down to get through in case the lights changed. Then I noticed a flash in the back window.... The van was parked on the opposite side of the road, with the back facing me. However, I WAS on the opposite side of the road, UNTIL I had to pull over to the other side of the road due to the temporary traffic lights - the traffic was ALL having to use that one side of the road... SO... Can they get me if I am driving away from the van from the other side of the road... I know I WAS on the side of the road the van was on briefly - but only because the road was single track.... Thank you!!
  4. I am not planning to bring a case for constructive dismissal. I am well aware that I cannot do this under 12 months service. I know they can dismiss me if they 'feel like it'. My original query was only re sick pay whilst a grievance was ongoing. Thanks
  5. Have emailed company to ask policy. According to Direct Gov, it should be suspension on full pay pending investigation
  6. Sorry Becky... but I absolutely don't agree! I'm a 45 year old man and I have a very strong case. If everyone just 'lay down' and let peole treat everyone unfairly, it wouldn't be a very just world! I am more than happy to make a stand for what is right and what is fair. This is not a case of 'sour grapes'. The Manager has broken codes of conduct.
  7. I have started a grievance at my current place of work. I have been employed for 10 months, and am currently signed off with work-related stress (bullying by Manager) The contract states that only 10 days sick is 'allowed' on pay, then it goes on to SSP (only £16 per day) Can anyone advise me if this is still the case if there is an ongoing grievance..? Does this still count as 'sick'? I cannot return to work (it is not somewhere one can be moved in to a different 'department' etc) I would still have to report to the manager I have reported (and also blown the whistle on) Does a grievance alter the situation at all? It seems odd that another member of staff is on full pay whilst suspended pending investigation (this same manager made things up about him) Thanks
  8. Hi again! My bank (Lloyds) is based in England, although I live in Scotland. They've just charged me £41 for 2 days going over planned overdraft. Spoke to them on phone. They say they won't cough up. I've told them I've taken several banks to court and won, and will do it again (even JUST for £41!) My question is - is it still worth it? Has the Office of fair Trading made any changes that make claiming more difficult/less likely to pay out? Is it taking ages? Thanks all
  9. Can someone please give their opinions on what my best next move is..? I don't have £5k to settle, and I don't want to take their first offer anyway. Should I keep on fighting this or simply make an offer that I am comfortable with ...?
  10. Ok... have heard back... Now they are offering that I either: pay £5,000 now in full and final settlement or pay £8,000 by installments as full and final. If I don't do this, they threaten court. What do you all think?
  11. Here is the letter I am sending: (what do you think?) Thank you for your letter dated 23rd September, the content of which has been noted. I refer you to my previous correspondence, and repeat - to date, you have not fully complied with my legal request under the Data Protection Act, 1998; a Subject Access Request received by yourselves on 01/10/06. Therefore, until such times as I am in possession of all transactional data and/or otherwise, I will not be entering into any discussions regarding income/expenditure. Since I have been informed by Halifax plc and yourselves, several times now, that my file has been lost, I am surprised by the attempts of your ‘client’ to secure payments on an alleged debt that cannot be substantiated by any form of legal paperwork at all, and, as explained in all my previous correspondence, until such debt can be substantiated, no payments will be forthcoming. As also previously advised, I will require a full written explanation as to the precise nature of your/their claim and upon what legal basis they have instructed you to pursue this matter, along with the documentary detailed in previous correspondence. I also note that you made no comment on the fact that, in Scotland, recovery on mortgage shortfall interest is frozen after five years. I trust that the contents of this letter are self-explanatory. If you are unable to supply this data however, then I require written confirmation by return within the next 14 days. Should you decide to pursue this matter without addressing your full obligations under The Data Protection Act, 1998 then I shall seek a Court order obliging your full compliance, together with damages at the discretion of the Court.
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