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  1. HELP NEEDED!!!! Got my sar back and what a surprise a magical welcome signature has appeared on the first loan agreement,(i have original copies with only my signature on) The statements are a complete mystery to me as in one day they have appeared to charge me 11 times or so for telephone calls which i didnt recieve. I havent a clue where to start with this paperwork any help would be great. They have also put a whole load of rubbish on the so called records about when they have contacted me claiming i was abusive!!!!! Also it states they rang my employer which i didnt think they were allowed to do. I have hoc charges and capitilazation charges, phone call charges galore app!! also they visited my home for the second time even after i sent the doorstep harrassment letter and i was not informed or had arranged such a visit. I trully dont know where to start with all this.....
  2. Thats what they have done i think, they have sent the cca stuff through to me but addressed the paperwork as my subject accesss request, so should i send the letter, or wait until the sar time limit is up as that is not till end of month?
  3. I dont think so though as the letter is headed with RE: Subject Access Request- Account number ******* Thankyou for your letter recieved on 15 december 2009 making a subject access request. Please find enclosed your agreement and statement of account So the letter says SAR not a CCA so what do i do now??
  4. Well today i have received NO cca, but a very poor SAR Which states; Please find enclosed your agreement and statement of account held by Welcome Financial Services ltd in relation to account number I have received a photocopy of my last top up loan (i have already posted a copy on my photobucket) which is on a A4 piece of white paper unwitnessed and showing 2 different dates. A photocopy of Terms of credit agreement Personal loan statement that is dated from 17/12/2008 to 31/12/2009. nothing else! Where is the rest of the paperwork, the original loan was taken out in 26/7/2007 Nothing about ringing me constantly or visiting my house unannounced. No record of the original loan or anything!! So please what do i need to do now??? Any help would be great thanks
  5. Thanks Ozzywizard! I have also got through the post today an Income and Expenditure form with a hand written note from local office, Please complete I&E form enclosed and send back to address on business card enclosed.( local office address) If payments arent going to commence in line with your agreement, please state the main reason for this due to you now breaching the terms of your agreement. Many thanks Stupid bloke from Welcome. What do i do, just ignore this as the form is very detailed. Do i fill it in?? Are they allowed to request this as im disputing my account. I am still waiting for my subject access and cca
  6. Joke response letter from welcome; FINAL RESPONSE TO YOUR COMPLAINT I am writing with regards to a complaint you have raised, which was received on 15 december 2009. We have received correspondence from you which states you have requested that no further telephone calls are made to you to discuss your account. In addition to this , you have requested no further visits to your property. Please be advised that the b******N branch have been attempting to contact you to disscuss your account as nov payment has been missed.(yes as im not paying another penny untill this is sorted!)(THey rang me to threaten me with a visit at some point) I do not consider the actions taken by Welcome finance in regards any outstanding payments to be classed as harrasssment. All customers have a duty maintain thier contractual agreements and make necessary payments in order to satisfy the account. However following your request to only recieve communication in writing, i can inform you that i have instructed the branch to not make any telephone calls to you or home visits will only be made withprior consent from yourself. Please be aware that should your account at any time be passed on to a debt collection agency for recovery, Welcome Finacial services will have no control over thier activites. RIGHT,First things first.... Do i write back and explain that the harrassment im concerned about is the harrassment i received before i missed a payment. Do i inform this stupid person that i got harrasssed because i didnt have a direct debit set up?? That Welcome rang my employer several times and also turned up at my house to harrass me about no direct debit. The more i think about it the more angry i get!! Just about had enough of this bloody company seriously! So guys, do i respond to that letter??
  7. Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a chance to look at my paperwork yet?? i just wondering if im right to query the agreements?? Any help would be great thanks xx
  8. think ive done it this time hooray haha well i hope so!!
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