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  1. * Rip * Y798gtu ** Loved By Many ** Hated On By Even More ** Dvla And Nsl == Biggest **** Bags Ever
  2. yep I pay my tax's and to prove the point the car will be insured and taxed in the next week which BTW you get fined for being late anyway, heh and the real kicker is so some rude police officer to come on national Tv and insinuate that people who don't have there car tax are "tight".. and ask any one who knows me will tell you I'm a very generous guy .. always accused of being too kind.. so nice of them to say when I'm paying £1800 year for him to have a job and ultimately a life. but any way I will have complied completely .. if they crush my finance comps car they will have made
  3. brain_fallen_out


    DoMz82 It just occurred to me as well they did the exact same thing to me when they needed to register my car to me after it was PAYED for, it set me back 2 and half months at the time waiting for original docs, simply cause of DVLAs bone faced uncooperative attitude like a little retalin brat of a company that has to have it all there own selfish little way no mater how much the consumer has to suffer - and another 2 months of freebies for DVLA off my back.
  4. brain_fallen_out


    then they should go on strike, perhaps that is the decent thing I would do if I had a dispute over wages with my employer, rather then disrespect and dick around our service men & women that are fighting for your country and civil liberty's, and the rest of the GP for that mater, then carry on like normal as if its for the greater good of the public.. yeah right. DVLA and their minions need to get over them self. $£%$^$"^U Trolls
  5. ONLY the DVLA and People running pounds at people like my self's expense think in their demented little minds that people such as my self are guilty until proven. vex⋅a⋅tious 2. Law. (of legal actions) instituted without sufficient grounds and serving only to cause annoyance to the defendant. Not to mention the loss of earnings and pain and sufferance and mental stress of having no transport I have endured at there hands In the middle of a recession I think that DVLA can act a bit more civilized and display a modicum professionalism and common decency before running off half
  6. The car was unable to be steered its a Rear wheel drive AUTOMATIC with a electronic IGNITION and STEERING LOCK - and no you dont just break the steering lock on a prestige mercedes like some G reg old ford fiesta or just have it draged along by the cheapest toe truck in town it has to be "low loaded" technically speaking. thank you very much .. "oldcart" that is what the .GOV and DVLA and self rightious people would love to believe but the problem is if by some miracal i can get my car back we are certainly going to go to court, tribunal, and adjudication.
  7. dvla & NSL took my car away which is a reletivly rare and decent mercedes be it 9 years old, because it was imobilised by a fault, it was parked on the road right next to the entrance to our residential parking, I couldnt afford to tax & renew the insurance at that time, niether could I afford to toe it to private land which I have access to at that time, where I could of SWORN it, they clamped me and toed my car away to be crushed/auctioned and informed me I was commiting a offence even though it was not my fault the car had a fault with its ignition, since oct my car has been there..
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