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  1. Thank you all for your advice and support here and on the Martin Lewis and British Expats forums. Seems I have won the battle. In my case I think I managed to run circles around the debt collectors to the point where they actually provided me with the evidence that I wasn’t at the address at the period that the debt was accumulated. Electoral rolls and such like are not such great evidence of an individual’s location over short periods of times at various addresses. And of course the fact that I wasn’t physically in the country during this period either, stumped them. If you keep the
  2. "The penny or the lev hasnt dropped yet" very good Surely if a CCJ is out there with my name on it then the DCA should have referred to it in their communications?
  3. Thanks Elsa But it costs £8! I have to pay to prove I'm not a wanted criminal!! Anybody know of a free method? thanks
  4. Thank you How do I find out if I have a CCJ against me in the UK?
  5. No, not Oz or NZ. I'm in sunny non-EU, non-EEA Eastern Europe;-) Thank you all for the quick replies - anyone else have more views? Please
  6. Hi Elsa No, as far I am aware there was no CCJ issued ever. At my last UK address (address B) I even had the services of Southern Water under my name and paid all the bills, surely even if there was a debt at address A under my name for any previous period they could have made a connection - it was in the same town! Thanks Elsa
  7. Wow, thanks for the quick reply. You say that the debt should be statute-barred, although they claim the debt's period is from 2003-2006 (only 3 years ago) and so according to them it is not statute-barred. Do you think this because I have not heard of this debt at all until now and also because I have not been at that address for 8 years and not even in the UK for 6 years? This point which I cannot find clarification for. Thanks again
  8. Hello - I'm a newbie I am being pursued by a UK debt collecting agency regarding an alleged debt with Southern Water for a period of April 2003-September 2006 and at a rented address which I lived at from 1999-mid 2001 (address A) I officially emigrated from the UK in November 2003 and my last UK address from mid-2001 to November 2003 was another rented address (address B). I finalized all of my UK financial obligations before I emigrated and even applied for a tax rebate (with P85 form) stating that I was leaving the UK. Unfortunately I threw away all the documents, tenanc
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