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  1. Just wondering whether anyone has dealt with Tenons in relation to bankruptcy? I have a family member who has been declared bankrupt and Tenons are trustees (?) or dealing with his assets in some way- sorry I'm not too clear on the details. The family member has a share in a house which Tenons obviously want sold to get their bit of the money but they seem to blow hot and cold- one minute they will accept one amount for the share, the next they want double the amount, then they request full market value, then they will accept another amount within 30 days (because we all know how qu
  2. I understand why insurance companies may ask about criminal convictions there are situation when it may make it more likely that you would have to claim on your insurance. Therefore if you may have to claim more on your insurance they will charge you more which makes sense. The problem I have with insurance companies is that they are likely to inflate your premiums if you have had a non-fault accident- I think its ridiculous to say that because you were involved in an accident that was someone else fault you are in turn likely to be in more accidents. It absolutely unreasonable that a cus
  3. Just a quick note to say I agree with Honey Bee. Its worth ring the third party insurers to see what they will do. They obviously don't want to have to pay solicitor fees on top of everything else, but as said above don't accept anything as full and final settlement unless you are completely happy to do so as you will not be able to claim anything further. There is one exception to this rule (possibly others but not come accross them yet) is if the 3rd party insurers are Quinn who in my experience will throw money at you to make it all go away without actually assessing what has happened.
  4. I'm sorry, I consider myself told off and shall never reply hastily again I just get very irritated by some people (obviously not yourself) who are quite happy to use firms like this and then complain about them. I find these are frequently the same people who make PI claims for principle and not for the money. They're always about the money otherwise you would just make a formal complaint in my opinion. Anyway, very sorry for the error, I just get riled sometimes.
  5. As with any business, yes they are in it for what they can get- what world do you live in to think they would do it for world peace? If you think so poorly of it, why did you go NWNF? And also why did you not check your position before you got into the situation where you would be liable to pay the defendent's fees? Sorry to sound harsh but did you read any of the paperwork before you signed?
  6. I had an accident in Sept 09 too. I am still waiting for my insurers to tell me liability has been admitted by the third party. In the mean time I wrote to third party insurers and said I was my excess back or I would take them to court. I have now received my excess back but they still haven't admitted liability to my insurers apparently.
  7. Just reading through this, why did your solicitors take on your claim when there was less than 51% chance of winning the claim? And also what exactly was the point of taking out the insurance with the solicitors if not to protect you in the event of a counter claim. To be perfectly honest, THEY should take out a policy to protect their interests in a NWNF claim, and they should suggest YOU take out a policy to protect your interests in the event of a counter claim.
  8. Whoop-de-do!!! We finally got connected on Sunday!!! Not that Talktalk told us, we only found out when we did out usual daily 1571 check to see if talktalk had bothered to leave us any messages and found we didn't have 1571 anymore. No idea what happened. I'm just glad we got into the habit of religiously checking for messages or we'd have no idea we were even connected!
  9. Thanks for your advice. I'm going to ring them to find out if this is going to affect my no claims. If they say it will then I might threaten them with doing that to see if it shimmys them up a bit. If it doesn't then I'll follow through on the threat.
  10. Well this is only my second year of no claims, but I might think about NCB protection. As far as I know they are viewing it as a non fault accident, but if they are still trying to recover their losses doesn't that mean my NCB is lost until they oficially sort out libility?
  11. I have told them I got my excess back. I think it was about 6 weeks ago- I rang them up to tell them about a change of address and thought while I was on the phone I'd be asked to put through to someone who would tell me what was going on with my claim. They did seem surprised I had got my excess back when they hadn't sorted liability. To be fair to them I think most of the problem is with the other insurers as usually when I speak to mine they seem to be chasing them for a response. Isn't there a time limit or something on this? Also if they are still chasing the other insurers for
  12. Hi, sorry to bring this old thread up but as it's about the same accident and claim I thought it might be easier. Anywho, I have my excess back. I took the advice and basically just asked for it. In fact I got it back quite a while ago, probably atleast 6 weeks. The thing is that I'm concerned my insurers still aren't do anything. They have been "working" on this claim for just over 6 months now and don't seems to be anywhere different to where they were at the beginning. I'm getting concerned that this isn't going to be finished with within the next 2 months when my renewal is
  13. I've had a reply at the Talk Talk forum, only an hour after I posted. I've now been told - "The order shows as being delayed. This si due to a shortage of equipment (cabling) at the exchange necessary to connect the line to TalkTalk's equipment. As such your line is not yet with TT and you are still connected to your old supplier. BTOR could only have been aware of this on the go live date when they came to connect the line. I have referred this to our Ops Team as initally the estimated resolution date was 5th AMrch however this has obviously now passed without change. Once I have a
  14. Am actually registered for the forum now! Lets hope someone can sort this out. Will let you know if the forum guys are better than the people on the phone (they couldn't be much worse).
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