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  1. Good to get more information about Sherfraud. We are in the process of negotiating our lease and have emptied out the showroom. It looks pretty bare right now and any bailiff that comes can't steal anything. With the current economic climate, these people are the ones profiting from misery.
  2. Nothing was valued. There was nothing to value. Then they came up with visiting a second address, when we only have one business address. THey claimed that they had visited the home address, which is illegal. We have a fax from them claiming to have visited twice. We don't keep stock and only have the showroom. Computers/electronic equipment are owned by the I.T. company. Basically we are owed in the region of £200,000.00, from several different people and owe our creditors about £24,000.00. We just need to keep everyone happy till the money is paid to us. Unfortunately, the Lawyers we hired, to recover the money, were more interested in charging us as much as possible, for the least amount of work. It really angers me, when I think about it too much. Sherforce do not help matters, when they are so happy in legally robbing us.
  3. They did issue walking possession and levy. They are hiding behind article 13, which seems to give them a license to mug people. We got our Lawyer involved, but the letter sent has not been answered. They are ignoring it and we are still getting hassles over the phone.
  4. We have had two cases with creditors taken to the High Court and Sherforce was the debtor service team hired by the High Court. First Creditor balance was Amount Owed: £7766.26 Judgement Costs £225.00 Cost of Execution £101.75 Charges of the Authorised High Court Enforcement Office £1479.56 It jumped to £9651.32 The last time we were presented a bill, we had already paid £5,000.00 We still owed £6330.36 Sherforce charges and please note that these were only faxed to us when we inquired about the extortionate charges. Attending with a view to remove goods for sale £875.00 - This was one person in a car. We had already called the Sherforce call centre, regarding the debt, but they still sent someone to the site and charged the above amount. Valuation Fee £427.63 = There was no valuation. Officer 1st Visit Fee (1st Address) £150.00 = This was the first visit plus the £875.00 charge was added on top. Officer 2nd Visit Fee (1st Address) £150.00 Officer 3rd Visit Fee (1st Address) £150.00= Did not occur The High Court is for the business address. There were no visits to home address and if there were visits. It would be illegal. Officer 1st Visit Fee (2nd Address) £150.00 Officer 2nd Visit Fee (2nd Address) £150.00 DVLA and HPI Charges £20.00 Debtor Services Admin Fee £50.00 Debit Card processing fee £0.40p Subtotal of Sherforce Fees = £2668.31 VAT on Fees = £400.25 Grand Total £3068.56 2nd creditor. Original balance to creditor was £1690.24 After Sherforce got hold of the account it now stands at £2930.92 There will also be a further charge of £625.00 + VAT for each time a Sherforce Enforcement Officer visits. We were already disputing the charges when this visit occurred and have had two visits already. The second time, we had three officers attending the site, which probably meant £150.00+VAT for each of them. They have not sent us a bill for the latest visit.
  5. Hello: Not sure how many you have now, but please count me in. We have had bailiffs from Shereforce and the Indian call centre are the worse people to deal with.
  6. Update: Went to another bank to open another business account. When they found out that our Lloyds Business account had been closed, they did not want to know. We called in to our branch of Lloyds bank to see what we could do. We were advised to send a letter of complaint and when we called the next day, found out that the business manager was on holiday. The lady we spoke to checked the details and found that business manager had lied about the situation. No letter was sent informing us of the business account being closed. We can use the account, but they might take the money to cover the rest of our overdraft. She agreed that it was a wrong move on the business manager's part and have no idea why she would such a thing. It has now become a formal complaint. Hope to get it sorted soon.
  7. Hello: Only thing we could do was use our personal accounts and have our invoices reflect that change. How can they close an account for a charity??? Can you open another? THey didn't send a warning letter? If banks are using the same tactics they used in the 1990's, closing bank accounts, we could see more businesses go under in a few months. You should complain to the banking ombudsman as well.
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/237398-lloyds-close-business-account.html#post2637396 Hello: I've started a thread regarding our Business Bank account being closed by Lloyds. I was informed that this was the action which caused the 1990's recession. Banks closing accounts held by companies in the construction industry and all the others falling in their turn. Are there other people who are having the same experience? Is there another pattern of banks closing accounts? THank you.
  9. Update on closed bank account: We've called the Banking ombudsman and complained about Lloyds Bank. We also provided the email from the previous business advisor stating that we were good customers, wishing us success in the business and asking for a reference. The fact that there were no records sent and that they closed the account immediately after money (£1,200.00) was transfered. looks suspicious. It has limited our cash flow and will have to wait till next week before a new account is opened under the business name. We can't even deposit on our personal accounts as the cheques are "pay to account name" only. All our transactions will take a week before we can process and that will hurt us during this December. Unfortunately, it will take three months to resolve.
  10. In our case it was a few mistakes on our part. New showroom and not actively pursuing the previous business partner who had stolen money from the company. When we did, we hired Harbottle and Lewis, who was supposed to take it on a no win, no fee basis. We did not realise how long they would take. Hired them on December 2008 and in all that one year, they produced: two letters, one Barristers report, (£1400+ costs to us) and two statutory demands. We had already paid about £5,000 and they presented a bill totalling £11,000.00. Didn't realise: a 6 minute phone call would cost £26.50, reading an email is £43.00 or a two hour meeting would cost £731.00. They even charged us £300.00 for a Company's House Report we already provided. We sent a letter complaining and they simply replied that they will no longer be working for us. They will be keeping all copies of their work and will pursue for the rest of their money. We now have had to hire another litigation firm and will probably have to sue Harbottle and Lewis. Should find out a bit more regarding their charges and whether what they did was completely legal or we were given poor service. Perhaps I should start another thread regarding our so-called law firm. Are there sub-forums complaining about law firms?
  11. We are a small partnership and had one account with Lloyds. With all the troubles with the economy and late payments from our customers we used the £4,000.00 overdraft facility, every month. We kept in contact with our business manager and had a good working relationship. He left at the end of November and actually asked a reference from us. Recently, the business had started to pick up and we managed to reduce the overdraft. The final deposit made was a bank transfer of £1,200.00 for goods sold. We found out yesterday that our account had been closed and the new business manager is claiming that a letter had been sent, back in October. There are no letters that can be found. If we had known, we would have made other arrangements and certainly made sure that the money was sent to another account. From what I gather this happened during the 1990's when the banks closed many accounts and started the recession. The banks are exacerbating the problem by these practices. Has anyone else encountered the same problem?
  12. Having the same problems with these people. The worse seems to be that their call centre is in India. Great outsourcing and the most rude people you can have a conversation with. We are a business and these people already know they can't get money from us, since everything is listed for another company. They sent three bailiffs and a debt of less than £1,000.00 has now turned into £3,000. We don't even owe that much except that a previous business partner stole £122,000 that we are claiming back and another £250,000 I can track.
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