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  1. My friend now has been paid the outstanding amount, the letter from the lawyer must have scared the guy into paying. Thanks everyone for helping out!
  2. He has, he is just waiting for CRB check to start working at this new care home.
  3. What I mean by 'in trouble' is that he would get a criminal record and it will show it on his CRB check.
  4. He has only been warned by the police officer that next time similar thing happens he would get in trouble. No further action by the employer has been taken. We have not been aware of the compensation claim for failing to provide written T&C. That is interesting to say the least. Thank you for the information.
  5. They are doing it for free as a favour to my friend and her company, doesn't hurt to try. The ET claim application is ready to be sent off on the 18th if no reply comes through.
  6. My friend advised us to ask her friend solicitor for advice and now we're working on a letter to the employer that will be sent from solicitor's office. I think that feels a bit more official and I hope it will prove beneficial as a proof of trying to solve the issue when/if the claim has to be issued. Luckily there is still about 40 days to file the case against them at ET, so it will give a little bit of time for the employer to respond to this letter, or ignore it like all the others though I hope he will not do that this time. I'll keep posting the progress, thanks again for help
  7. 2nd letter completely ignored. We sent both by recorded delivery and their status is undelivered. He was sending few other letters by the same postal service and all of them were delivered. I guess the application for ET is the next step?
  8. Yes he sent it by recorded delivery as you guys suggested.
  9. Basically we were told what we already read in your posts. He sent a letter today requesting the outstanding amount paid and the T&C as well. He also mentioned being ready to take this matter further. Hoping the boss will pay up just to avoid the hassle.
  10. We will go to our local CAB tomorrow morning and I will post what we've been told. Thank you everyone for the advice so far.
  11. He wasn't given the terms of employment, even though he requested them several times. They just didn't give him any information. I seriously doubt that putting everything in writing is a waste of time. He spoken to the boss and clearly he doesn not want to pay anything. Time is the issue here since it's beginning of a month and the bills are starting to roll in.
  12. Finally we got through to the boss and he said that he took the money to cover his losses and that we should stop calling him. He turned off the phone again.
  13. The problem is that he doesn't have any contract. He wasn't given any even though he asked about it several times there were always some excuses. He worked there for almost 2 years. It looks like they just don't want to pay him for the days he worked + holidays. The boss's phone is still off and the manager hasn't heard anything from him yet, or so she claims.
  14. My friend lost his job after gross misconduct. He was working as a care assistant and due to his situation at home he was stealing food from work. Apples, cheese, butter and so on, not huge amounts but the manager noticed the quantities missing. They caught him in the morning after night shift, told him to go get the stuff he stole from his car. He was told to report to a police station where they took his fingerprints and all his details. A dismissal letter from his employer was waiting with the policeman. He worked for half a month + he has 12 days unused holidays for this year. He
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