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  1. Hi all, I am looking for some advice or even help. My 52 reg bmw 530d ( cost me £9500 around 2yrs ago) was stolen in September. I was not in the UK at the time as I was looking after my mom who is seriuosly ill and who lives in Lithuania. My friend contacted me and told me that the car was gone I immediatelly reported it to the insurance company (Direct Line) and to the police. I was told by one of the DL staff that I was going to get a call back on the following day and all the details would be taken which did not happen so I phoned them myself from Lithuania again at a rate ~£2/hour to find out what was going on. They said that my claim wasn't forgotten and they were going to definitely call me. So I waited again untill their man called me again and took a detailed statement of what happened asked me if I had the keys the V5 and all the rest of the paperwork which I said I did have. He then asked me to try to remember lasta time I saw the car what I did who I gave the keys to etc etc. I told him everything that I could remember. So it has been nearly 3 months since I heard from them last time and I really do not know what is happening with my claim. I have to stay in Lithuania to look after my ill mother as she has skin cancer and I am the only child. I tried to contact the DL man as I have his direct number but no success. Please advice me on what to do or how to act? Or should I get a representative or a solicitor as I feel thet it is not going to be easy to get the insurance money? If so are the re any people on here who are willing to help? Thank you all for your replies. Alvydas
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