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  1. Hi Again, I'm still struggling with Accord mortgages over a shortfall from them selling the property for half of what was paid 9 years ago. My ex did a deal recently so I'm left with my half of the debt. I've made a small settlement offer 8% of debt over a month ago. Accord keep pushing me to deal with them over the phone, which I have no wish to do. They also keep pestering me to fill in an expenditure form. I've explained I'm about to be out of work so I don't see how filling in the form is a fair representation of my financial position given I have one more pay day before
  2. Thanks peps. I'm still making very small payments as last time they chased me I was unemployed to just offered £5. They are now chasing again, but it's not great timing as I'm due to end my current contract in March and job market is still very much dead for what I do. I earn well when I work, but the problem is I'm then out of work for so long that when I do work it takes a while to get back on track. I work in Media finance (Advertising) and it's all about cutting costs and sending everything overseas or creating shared financial services in areas outside of London.
  3. The only thing that puts me off bankruptcy is the fact I work in finance. Current trend is to outsource all finance functions to India currently I only get a few months here or there cleaning up the mess made by outsourcing. Just concerned it will make life even harder for me as that's one of the things employers have checked for even on temp roles. If I can get to March I can send my signing on book and hope I find something quick a nd then start trying to put money away to come up with a final settlement they might accept. I'm not happy with how t
  4. Hi, Wonder if anyone can help me with some advice. Me and my partner at the time took out a mortgage for 100k back in 2004. In 2006 my partner walked out on me and left me paying the mortgage. We came to the agreement that she would pay £100 a month and I would pay the remaining £500 until we found a buyer. Unfortunately we ended up in arrears as I was foolishly paying her the money and she wasn't passing this on to the lender. I then said enough was enough and we handed the keys back as I couldn't get her to pay anything towards our joint mortgage. She
  5. Right, the seller has responded via email the following: "we will refund you once the item is returned and pay the postage, but you must remove the negative feedback from ebay 1st or we cannot do anything for you.as regards the legal side re long distance selling laws, you must return the item in 14 days. which you have not, we have not received any evidence of any damage only your say so, the item was in perfect condition when listed and sent, so could only have been damaged in the post or swapped, but all our items are security marked so if it has been swapped we can tell once c
  6. Thanks for your help that's ace, I'll send that out tomorrow. So given the response (or lack of) from seller so far and ebay's reluctance to help how would I go about taking things further should I not get given the refund?
  7. Yes was a buy it now. They have an ebay shop although I can't see them listed as a power seller. Their user id is tfrallyesport I just think they were cheeky in sending it out and why would Royal mail return it? Could be a royal mail error, but surely ebay should do something before I pay out yet again? I've double checked the post code and address details and they were exactly what the seller had provided.
  8. I bought a car brace which is basically designed to stiffen up the front of the car. Item arrives and instead of being a solid brace, it's broken and is being held together by clear tape! The seller is a car parts specialist so I'm sure they are aware it's not meant to be like that. I emailed, they ignored. I raised the problem with ebay and the seller agreed to refund as long as I returned. Items large so I didn't use a tracking service, but I got a receipt and insured the package. Three days later the item is returned to me by royal mail with a sticker saying 'Address gone away'.
  9. I stupidly took out a contract this time last year through the Phones 4 U shop. Orange 18 month jobby, with a Nokia N85 handset. The screen became faulty two months in so was returned to store and they sent it off. Two weeks later it's back in hand fixed. Well the screen issue was fixed, but the sofware bugs remained and they also managed to get dirt inside the screen of the phone. I couldnt be bothered losing my phone for more time so left it. By month 11 the phone glitches were getting serious so I decided to return it for repair before the warranty expired. It was sent on
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