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  1. Thanks Crocdoc! An update: This site must be magical! after a five year struggle - today, the day after my first posting - the problem is solved! I wrote to Scottish Power's Customer Service Director via email. I had listed everything that had happened over the last five years, and today she called me! Apologised for the five years of problems and has amended my bill to £0. Actually I had made a mistake in that I didn't know I had to set up a tarriff that was standing charge free even though I don't use gas, but the customer service manager said I should have been informed a long time ago about that and apologised that I hadn't Anyone else having long standing problems with scottish power might want to try this approach. I had contacted them many many times over the years and though regular customer services denied receiving any of my communications, she had them all in front of her and it was this that made all the difference. Hoping everyone has a Happy Christmas Jules x
  2. Hi, I moved into my flat 5 years ago.The previous tenant left owing money all over the place including to Scottish Power for her gas supply. Having finally got through to them that I am not her, now they have sent me a bill for five years service charges but I am not a customer, don't use any gas (i'm all electric) and the gas meter is capped and disconnected at the main box outside the property. I have written,phoned, emailed. They either say they haven't received the letters/emails etc. or are like robots 'you owe us money' 'you owe us money!'. Can anyone help? The ombudsman said I'm too late to get help from them.
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