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  1. My partner and me seperated at the beginning of december I notified tax credits on 11th and they closed the joint claim and did a single claim on the phone. She said they aim to process all claims within 3 weeks, 3 weeks is 2nd jan, I have been left with no money, ive called every few dayd and all I have been told is it is being looked at by a specialaist team and they will be intouch if they req any more info.ive asked this morning what Can I do if its not processed on 2nd jan and they have told me I can make a complaint and they aim to answer complaints within 3 weeks? Please help is there anything else I can do?
  2. Hi people! Update from me, I went to see the house and took it straight away! It was too good an opportunity to miss, and the landlady said she could wait a month for the deposit. So I heard back from social fund today, crisis loan peeps said thanks but NO thanks! But I was expecting that anyway, so I called the budgeting loan people and it was done today and they have offered me £812"!!!! Can't believe it I'm so thrilled! I've just got to wait for the offer to come through and sighn the papers and then it will go into my account, thanks so much to all of you who offered advice I couldn't have done it without you! I thanks you and my family thanks you!!! Xx x x x
  3. That's right I have no savings, I'm so grateful for your help, my sister has just called and I've told her what's happening, I've not told anyone how bad its got and not wanted them to see how bad it's got, she's paid for my internet and telephone to be put back on, taken our clothes to be washed and been and got me a small pug in cool box so I can buy milk ECt ECt, I will tell them about the debts. Im just printing off the forms, I wonder if the fact I've been left with no fridge ECt ECt and I'm having to move nearer to my sister for support and help will help with the ccg or cl? If I am eligible for the bl then I'm happy! Feels like there's a little bit of light at the end of this nightmare! You don't know how much you have all helped I'm so grateful and can sleep a little easier this evening xxx I will let you know how I get on xx
  4. Can I apply for more than one of the above ?
  5. I have been on is since 10th nov 2010 I don't owe any money as I've never claimed any benefits before this. I have debts yes x I will go and see the council about help with rent in advance on Monday I didn't know about this x
  6. please help! I've become a single parent of three 16,15 and 16 months, I have to move out of my home to one closer to the older childrens school and college as my ex took the family car and I just can't get them there! I'm on income support, and I get caters allowance as my youngest sons has ADHD, I am going to see the new house this Sunday and its a strong possibility it will be suitable, now the difficult part, I need £675 deposit and £675 rent for when I move in, I've been advised to apply for a budgeting loan so I've called for the form today, I'm just worried as I don't know how to fill forms in! Do I make my situation seem worse? Because to be honest it's bad anyway! I'd need help with moving too as I now don't have. Car to move the smaller stuff in! I really need someone who is clues up on this because I just don't know how I'm going to manage to fill it in properly, if someone can help I would be most grateful! I must add that my ex also took the fridge freezer the washing machine and the tumble dryer! What a gent! So for the last four weeks I have had to live with three children like someone out of the middle ages not buying much food as it would go off quickly! Really need some advice!
  7. ok even if im not the pne who filed for the origional divorce? Hes is being an arse and says he wont now do it, ive just googled and it says i have to wait for 4.5 months if he doesnt do it by the 6 weeks period.x
  8. Hi guys just a quickie, not sure if anyone can help but will ask anyway. I got my decree nisi, on the 29th sept, just a simple letter fromt the court nothing else in the envelope, today i have realised no decree absolute yet?.my ex started the divorce now can i apply for the absolute or does he have to? i dont have a solicitor as i didnt need one, no kids or anything to split, i havent a flamin clue?
  9. Hi, they say on the letter that we told them our income was £9175 but that total earned was £23459, i earned £5312 as payment fromt he benefits system. I am drafted a letter with everything i know about him works address and phone number, care reg, i know this may be daft but the other bailiffs i have had here were really pleased with that!...there was nothing left from the house, and as i said the bills that are left i have been left to pay because i cant get him to pay them and he keeps moving!... He always sorted the tax credits now i know why!......i didnt know he had been given raise at work and i didnt even know he had tried to have the house remortgaged. im sure i will have sighned the claim form. I'll get everything together and send them off and hope i dont have to pay the whole amount back. thanks for your help ang x
  10. just on this if your not with the same partner and this over payment has happened (my case)..what will they do?
  11. Hi guys!...ive been abit of a lurker on here but now i need serious help! I am now divorced and have been only a few weeks, when i was married we claimed both tax credits and my husband was the worker in the family, i have had a letter today to say that in the year ending april 2009 we put down we earned £9175 but we actually earned £23459.Now when we were married my husband did all the financially things including claiming for tax credits, only now i have dovorced him and having my home repossessed have things come to light, this being the most recent. Firstly do i have to repay the whole amount? i am now in another relationship and claming for this family, will they take this off me? I have no idea were my ex husband is, only were he works, and his phone number. I dont have the proof of his wages or his p60s so how can i show them evidence? Really really scared...hes left me with debts rolling into thousands as it is and i hoped that that wa sit but now this has turned up and i just feel like i cant take anymore, we dont qualify for help form a solicitor and we cant afford to instruct one for this now. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!
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