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  1. Ah well, time to take it on the chin, pay up and be more careful in the future plus invest in a Snooper or Pogo Alert or something, I know they're no good for Laser devices though...Thanks for quick response(s)
  2. Admitedly I haven't and the 'cheeky devil' in me is trying to avoid it, but I guess I should do the 'right thing' and ring them up....
  3. I guess it can happen to most of us, first one on a portable laser device. Anyway I sent my details and have recieved a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty. The only problem is that in the letter it states the following: '....If you do not wish to contest the matter then is may be possible to deal with it by a fixed penalty of £ and endorsement of 3 penalty points on your license, by post without the need for court proceedings'. The problem is that they have not mentioned what the value of the fine is, it simply states '£'. So what do I do?
  4. Thanks for taking the time to respond guys. I'm going to chalk this up to experience and see what happens...
  5. Thaks how much was the cost of the course? It's Greater Manchester Police
  6. Thanks for prompt response, clocked doing 39 on a 30 zone, but it was a dual carraigeway and I assumed 40 would be fine as no signposts, ah well you live and learn. First offence for over 10 years!
  7. Hi, I've recieved a notice of intention to prosecute (addressed to me and with my name on it) for speeding. The date of the being caught on Truvelo speed camera was 25/11/2011 in the evening, I have recieved the letter of intention today (16/12/2011) and it is dated 14/12/2011. My car is privately leased and on the form provided where I have to fill in the details of the driver (even though they have my details ??), it advises the following in the Q&A bit where someone asks 'What if my notice arrived more than 14 days after the alleged offence, is it valid?': 'In ALL cases
  8. Right, after search through other threads and seeing how others have taken photos and taken the case to the relevant authorities I have concluded that as someone who lives over 200 miles away from London, I'm just going to swallow this bitter pill and avoid driving in London in future.
  9. Just recieved a PCN for £60 if paid within 14 days, contravention code 31 (entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited), my car is on a personal lease so I am assuming that my details were provided by the leasing company. There are a couple of images of my car detailing registration plate and captured in a box junction. Frankly I have no idea I stopped there as I am not from London, it was just a one day trip, I'm not sure where I stand on this, can anyone please advise?
  10. Initially, apologies for the delay in getting back to you as I have been overseas on business trips. Thankyou very much for your valuable responses, I will pass this information to her which will hopefully put her at ease. Sam, I cannot explain why she contacted them however the poor thing was frightened and upset thinking her car would get clamped again so rang them to at least try to resolve the situation.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your prompt response. It looks like she didn't actually buy a ticket and relied on the fact that she could park at the Sainsburys' free for the first two hours, students eh! I've advised her to contact her bank and stop the payment and to not park there in the future. She is more concerned about being clamped wherever she parks in Bradford.
  12. My sis-in-law usually parks at a Sainsburys car park in Bradford, she has been issued 5 tickets or so but been advised to ignore by her friends (which she duly did, silly of her I know). Today her car was clamped and the clampers demanded £60 to remove it. She paid £60 cash to get it removed, she then rang the clamping company who demanded she pays £200 (ticket charges). She was also advised that wherever he sees her car he will clamp it until she pays off what she owes and has given her a deadline of this friday. Understandably she is terrified of this and has already paid £50 over the phone
  13. I've got a Samsung 40" LCD which is about 3 years old now, the picture is fantastic when connected to a V+ box with a HDMI cable. Reference the LED TV, correct me if I'm wrong but i think you are referring to a LED Backlit LCD TV right? Most LCD TV's come with a CCFL backlight whereas some of the newer ones come with a LED backlight. LED BL will obviosuly give lower power consumption, potentially a more uniform light fill and thinner panel. Unless off course you are referring to OLED which are relatively new and quite expensive?
  14. Good news!! I queried the admin charge and advised the University that I have never seen these t's & c's nor signed anything. They have checked their records and admitted that these changes were made after my booking and I had never been notified hence a full refund will be issued, so no need to respond now but hopefully this may help others who get stuck with similar problems.
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