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  1. Ok but the default is now in capquests name and the OP is saying they got nothing to do with it now its been passed over.
  2. Update. Natwest removed default after a letter of apology and given indefinite time to repay aslong as I pay something each week. Virgin definitely removed default. Cackquest bought the debt but cannot provide any paperwork and apparently home retail group have nothing to do with it. So does that mean I can force Cackquest to remove the default from my credit file until they can provide the paperwork? It has been nearly 3 months now. If I can how do I do this? Thanks for your help so far credit score gone from 98 to 532 what a difference this has made.
  3. ***UPDATE*** Natwest are re investigating and are not happy with their collections sub contractor and the way that i say they handled the case. Cackquest 28 days on sent a letter saying they are still waiting for paperwork to prove i own the debt. (They sent a letter saying they own the debt a few weeks back) Here is hoping they cant find the paperwork and there stuck with the debt. Virgin Agreed to remove the default for full payment. Egg cannot produce any form of paperwork let alone statements to claim ppi back - What do i do here?
  4. I looked at the bcobs for natwest. what happened with natwest was i got into difficulty and i phoned and said as long as i stay in my OD but dont make any payments will i be ok to leave it and the phone operative said yes. So i did 5 months later the accounts closed and natwest send letters asking for the lot back immediately. Which they are well withing their right to do. However i told them about the conversation i had with the telephone operator and they said that they will look into it.. . in the mean time i get collections harrasing me with calls and i said
  5. Debts are as follows:/ Natwest 8,500 o/d was 7,500 Defaulted nov still arguing like mad over the default. Capquest Egg, 1,800 defaulted 7 years ago removed from file still paying. Capquest Homeretail Group: Default balance: £356 Capquest + HOme retail group charges added now £1108 Virgin: £103 defaulted paying in a few weeks to get default marked as (s) so thats 1 down. Oh and i got a letter with 2 lines on it from cackquest we now own the debt.
  6. Update: They sent me the CCA as it was a online agreement there is no signature just my name printed. I have asked them for a statement and told them that until I am satisfied of the amount i will not be making a payment and seen as i have another account i am paying back with them with a financial hardship attached to it they will most probably have to add it to the queue. Experian and Equifax looked into the entry and said that the name has been changed as cap-quest are now in charge. SO if this means they own the debt should they not have sent me a letter sayin
  7. I have no archived but then maybe your right they just changed the name from home retail group to capquest. My Experian report is down until tomorrow (update of address) and my Equifax is the one im going by it does say the entry was made on November 27 2012 no payment history etc just opening with the default. I do not want to list my debts I was just after advice on this default so looks like it is legal. I will definitely post back tomorrow I can understand my Experian report much better than Equifax.
  8. I am paying no interest or charges on any money I owe I got that frozen. IVA or bankruptcy is not a option I have planned all my finances out and a firm believer in I got myself in the mess ill get out of it. Credit Files However I hate. I hope to be better off one day and pay the debts back faster and move on with my life. Even if HRG delete the entry for a NEW entry to be added and marked as default by a separate company in my understanding of the procedures Cackquest have to send me a letter to back up the Default on my file. Otherwise HRG issued the de
  9. Hello im going to cut a long story short. 1. Debt with home retail group 2. Home retail group pass debt onto cackquest 3. Home retail group DELETE their records from my credit file 4. Cackquest open a new entry with DEFAULT 5. Been as it is cackquest that has enterd the default should there first letter not have been to issue me with a default notice and not hello you owe us? I told Experian and Equifax and there looking into it saying that cackquest should have sent me a letter. Now im only talking to a phone line operative not the guys in the basement am I righ
  10. Goes back 2 years..... Letter sent i owe money lots and lots of to and throw and lowells could never send a cca or prove i owed the debt. RESULT I GOT A LETTER LAST WEEK SAYING THEY RETURNED TO SENDER :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
  11. Your local council environmental health will help... they will condem the property for sure live electrics should never be exposed to water. Also your ll under the tenancy act has a legal responsibility to fix the property within a reasonable time otherwise you can legally get someone out to do the work and then you take those costs out the rent. Speak to your council they will be round quicker than a quick fit fitter and tell the ll or the ll agents to fix it immediately. My house flooded and ll wont replace carpet thats rotten - RENT HELD - Moving out - Environmental health
  12. UPDATE. FSA say that because i have not paid monthly i have breech repayment terms... Terms and C do not say that at all which was confirmed by tier 2 customer complaints. Natwest refused at first to speak to me but i got a number that took me direct to customer complaints. FSA are not interested but natwest will see what they can do as they have the recorded conversation where i was told that i can leave the account alone untill april and make huge payments. However given this evidence i was told that i most probably will have the default despite when recieveing the phone call i have tr
  13. Ok a update on this natwest point blank refused and pointed me in the direction of OFT they say that get this... Yes we can accept your token payment BUT we will issue the default and pass it onto the debt collectors as we do not formally agree this. Basically i went in there all guns blazing firing law statement after the other and i think i scared the hell out of the supervisor who said speak to the OFT and hung up. OFT have sent a complaint to natwest and said that in 6 weeks i have to phone back and they will then take over and deal with natwest and judging by what i said it is likely
  14. £5 a week all i can afford really so its £20 a month of the debt better than £1 a month
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