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  1. Yes, it'd be interesting to hear how people are getting along. My friend lives in Aus as a debt fugitive and is waiting the 6 years (I think it's 6) for them to become statute barred. Good luck guys - may you stay out of the hands of dirty credit chasing minions!
  2. Apologies if this has been posted already (I couldn't see it anywhere), but has anyone seen the decision by Judge Nicholas Chambers QC who ruled in favour of a customer over MBNA?
  3. I think the best advice anyone to conisdering IVA or BR, is to go to a not-for-profit group first, they'll always give you advice that's in your best interests. I found Myvesta extremely good.
  4. Bankruptcy is the best was to get out of debt if you've no assets. You can get your life back almost immediately. Compare that to years of struggle and toil. I too felt overjoyed when I wrote off all that debt that the banks foisted upon me. The more people that revel in their bankruptcy status, the more it erodes the stimga of bankruptcy.
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