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  1. The best method is to simply place them on hold. ie just place the phone next to some music etc and waste their time. They will soon stop calling when its their money thats being wasted. I wrote to them with various templates from this forum and they have now stop bothering me. Good luck
  2. I concur with fredrtg. I posted letters back to PDCS including a rather sharpish one when they sort of threatened legal action. There final response was to tell me to contact the company that they represented BSKYB. I had already done this and according to there books I owed nothing. I pay via DD. You can take a look at my posts and see for yourself how things developed. However PDCS have no substance nor can they do anything legal. They just intimidate and threaten. Good luck
  3. Looks like you are having the same problem as I did Please just simply reply to them with the prove it letter (not signed) Do not admit to anything and remember to tell them that all future contact is only to take place via letter It has worked for me They have now gone away
  4. That's it Ignore anything else from them If they do provide concrete proof of the debt then come back on this forrum otherwise ignore all their threats. It's all standard trash from DCA
  5. Just send the Prove it letter and sit back and relax.
  6. They tried the same tactic with me As my replies became more legal they simply stopped bothering me. You simply send them a prove it letter and that's it If they don't prove anything then they havnt got anything They probobly bought your details and it only has minimal data on it
  7. You don't They are being stupid now. PDCS have to provide the evidence. If they cannot then they legally have no duresdiction
  8. Follow some of the steps that I did with PDCS It has finaly worked as they no longer contact me You could also send them a letter that all correspondence is to be via letter and that they are not invited to conduct a house call If they then call it's classed as trespassing and you don't after answer to them at all
  9. I cannot help feeling though that DCA buy up old debt for a fraction of the money and then get the individual to pay them the full amount which means that they then profit. The original creditor has in this case given up on the credit. Have I got this wrong
  10. They only stated that it's Moorcroft Ltd
  11. I havnt got a clue, they will not say without me giving them my DOB and address
  12. I am receiving calls from a DCA and am now worried that they may have the power to tarnish my clean credit file. I have no default notices on my report nor wish to have any put on, but this DCA is a complete pain. Can anyone please advise.
  13. Thank you all for your useful advice......its good to be able talk about these things Well I've taken the action of changing my mobile number. I have to date received no correspondence so they have not got my address I have not got a clue what its about as they will not disclose to me any information until I disclose to them my personnel details. Hopefully thats it now
  14. Morning all.... I have now received several calls to my mobile from a man that states he works for Moorcroft. He always tries to persuade me to give him my personnel details (DOB, Address, etc) and then becomes annoyed when I refuse and ask him to state his business. Being a DCA he will not tell me what it is about but mentions that they have written to me on numerous occasions. To date I have not received anything nor am I willing to pass on any personnel data to this man. Could someone please advise me on what to do next as Im loosing my patience with them calling me.
  15. I've just received another letter from PDCS informing me that I can find the answers to all my letters if I call SKY B directly (National number included). They have stated that they have put my account on hold for a further 14 days. Not sure if they are expecting me to say something to them. I've made it very clear with my CPR letter what is required. (It is obvious that they will not answer the questions that I posed to them in that letter) What now!
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