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  1. Ok, thanks, I will have a look... My ticket states that the site is operated in accordance with the Railway Byelaws, more specifically byelaw 14 thus I assume it's not an invoice and IS enforceable? Regardless of the aforementioned though, the fact that my ticket can not be found and I wonder, if through error of theirs, that they have mistyped my reg and/or PCN number meaning that I can not pay it online.
  2. NCP, does this make a difference then? website they tell me to pay via: www.ncp.co.uk/pcn I was going to ring them up and give a false car reg just to see if it's the car reg which they might've got wrong or whether ticket has just simply not been put on their system?
  3. I recently received a PCN at a NCP car park for not displaying a ticket. Monday just gone, I arrived at the station car park where I tried two of the pay and display machines to find out that they were out of order. I wasn't prepared to go running from machine to machine in the torrential rain that we've had and to then miss my train. The car park is the biggest one on the TFL network too, so needless to say the machines are far apart. It was probably stubborn of me to not bother to get a ticket but I park there nigh on every day and for two machines to be out I assumed that the others were too also out of order... Anyway, I get my lovely white PCN but was really annoyed that the fine was £50 if paid within 28 days, there wasn't even an option for settling in 14 days for £25. I logged on to NCP's fee paying website, put it the PCN number along with my registration number and it said that the PCN number could not be found. I have tried every day since I received this fine but it still says that it can not be found. Do you reckon I could get away with not paying this fine given that the ticket can not be found?
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