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  1. i hope this is right now getting a bit stressed
  2. hi guys just to you let you know i never heard anything back from HL Legal, but just recieved this from APEX hope i can upload this ok just need some advice on what the next move should be, sorry but there's three pages of it here goes sorry guys see two posts down any advice much appreciated gary
  3. it is a credit card debt if that helps thanks for you replies, gary
  4. thanks for quick reply, surely they wouldn't just try to take money, and if they did they wouldn't get much as there is only jsa payments going into that account and no overdrath, i have had no hassle with these people in the past,but if they start messing me around i guess it CCA request time
  5. Hi all just a quick one i was layed off work two months ago so informed triton of this and reduced my repayments, i have just payed the 3rd reduced payment and they asked me to submit to them a fianancial statement , i think i read on here somewhere that only a court can insist on this, so refused as i do not want them knowing my personal buissiness, please could anyone enlighten me on this subject many thanks gary.
  6. wow that was quick thanks, does this go to HL LEGAL or apex ? thanks again gary
  7. could i possibly send them the letter in BAZOOKA BOO'S reply ? (above) gary
  8. Hi all, this is the latest instalment from apex, having sent them the CCA request they replied with the you must get in touch with RBS routine which i ignored, i waited the 12+2 days and then sent them the account in dispute letter. Today i have just received a letter from HL LEAGLE & COLLECTIONS solicitors saying:-... THAT UNLESS OUR CLIENT RECEIVES PAYMENT IN FULL OR A VALID REASON FOR NON-PAYMENT TO THE ACCOUNT WITHIN THE NEXT 7 DAYS THEN COURT PROCEEDINGS MAY BE TAKEN AGAINST YOU WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE. A few other threats follow all containing the MAY word, now from experience i
  9. oh dear i did not know what to do so i sent the new DCA ( APEX) a new cca request. They have replied and say i must apply to RBS for this but as they have taken this debt from AIC surely they should be the people to supply this to me. shall i still send them the above letter ? any help much appreciated cheers gary
  10. hi yes i sent AIC dispute letter but they just kept ringing which i ignored they supplied nothing now it seems they have passed it on to apex what should i do now ? any idea's ?
  11. hi guys after about six months of fighting with AIC i think they have given up and sold my debt on to apex, are these people to be treated in the same manner ie request CCA and so on and so forth ? any advice much appreciated. cheers garythai
  12. thanks again but what is cc 1974 regards gary.
  13. sorry had a bit of trouble getting this here anyway i welcome your suggestions gary.
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