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  1. I will say exactly the opposite to all tenants. Stick to your guns and defend your rights !!! The number of sleazy, dodgy, abusive, exploitative and crock landlords and letting agents is incredibly high, not only in my personal experience but I got a very experienced solicitor from a citizen advice center confessing it to me, and they take advantage of every tenants' weakness or naivety. And they are especially abusive and exploitative to tenants who have health problems and depend on benefits. And remember, many of the advisers here are LANDLORDS !!! Which side do you think they will line up and defend and which side they will misguide by giving misinformation or cleverly omitting information ? However, I do not want to generalize. I received some good advice here but I also received dodgy ones.
  2. You are right, Aviva. I already contacted a solicitor today. She made an appointment for the end of next week. Funny enough, the landlord did not like the idea of my solicitor examining the document and overlooking the entire process while he, of course, does not make a single move without his solicitor. Dodgy person... Thank you.
  3. I found out that my flat is quite damp and there are huge patches of black mold on the wall behind the drawers of the kitchen’s cupboard and other places. The landlord verbally agreed to terminate the tenancy agreement before its term so that I could move to another place. I asked my landlord to allow me to pay one month with the money of the deposit ( DPS ) so that I could use the “saved” money to pay for a new tenancy agreement when I find another place. I am preparing a document ( to be signed ) where all the above is agreed by both parts. However, it may take two or three months before I find a suitable place. I wonder if there is some possible inadvertently negative implications of removing the DPS deposit before the factual termination of tenancy. Any advice on that ?
  4. Due the uninhabitable conditions of my flat ( dampness and extensive mould ), my landlords agreed to let me terminate the tenancy agreement before its term and asked me to write a document about this agreement and they will sign it. I wrote it but I would be grateful to whoever helps me to improve it. Here is the text: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DECLARATION Date: ____/______/________ We, Mr. XXXXX and Mr YYYYY, agree that the tenant Mr. WWWW can terminate his tenancy agreement, signed on 1st April 2010, regarding Flat 1, 555 Some Road, London, XX2 3XX, anytime before its term. We also allow Mr. WWWW to withhold the payment of one month rent so he could have enough money to pay for the tenancy agreement of another place and other landlord. This one month on arrears will be paid with the money of his deposit ( £ 1,040.00 ) instead, which is kept by a DPS organization under ID number ZZZZZZZZ. Aside the one month on arrears, any further months or period of time, relative to his usufruct of the property above, up to the date when he finally moves out, should be paid regularly as usually through the usual bank standing orders. Immediately after a premature termination of his tenancy agreement, the tenant will be free from any debt regarding the remaining time of his tenancy agreement. The termination of the agreement will be considered legally finalized immediately after Mr. WWWW has moved out his belongings and handed over the keys of the above property. Additionally, the flat has to be found in a similar state of that one found in the beginning of his tenancy agreement with the exception of the repairs or changes requested by the tenant to us or executed and ordered by our own decision. Upon that occasion, we will be handing over a document to this tenant declaring that he does not owe us any money regarding to this property and that the above tenancy agreement is terminated. _______________________________ Mr. XXXXX _______________________________ Mr YYYYY I also agree with this document. ______________________________ Mr. WWWW _______________________________ Witness ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. Hi Steve_M The deposit is of the DPS scheme. So, is there some deadline for the landlord to ask DPS to release the money ? And will the DPS organization release the money straight to the tenant ?
  6. Hi Aequitas I am not entirely sure about what you meant with “it should be returned without delay”. As I understand the money of my deposit was handed over to a Tenancy Deposit Scheme organization by my landlord, where is kept. Do you mean that if my landlord ask the money back from the TDS on the exact day of the termination of the agreement and delivery of the keys, I will get it right in the next day ? By the way, I do not know the exact details of the procedure. Once the landlord asks the money of the deposit back from the TDS, this organization first send the money to the landlord and only then he gives it to the tenant –or- the organization send it straight way to the tenant ( supposing the tenant already informed it about his new address ) ?
  7. The landlords ( 2 partners ) omitted information about very noisy neighbours. My flat is a semi-basement. It is in underground on the side of the street but has access to a bent garden on the opposite side. On the first floor, right on the top of my flat there is a framing shop with a very noisy owner who drags heavy equipment and material and hammers its frames. As if it was not enough, the next shop, in the left side, is a butcher one. Its workers keep chopping bony meat with continuous noisy blows. The flat does not have proper insulation against damp and as result the wooden floor is distorted ( due the expansion that damp causes in wood ) and form a huge bump in the middle that encompasses the entire extension of the living room. When I visited the flat in the first time before deciding to rent it, the bump was covered by a big removable carpet so I could not notice it. By the way, later on, I found out that the carpet had an unbearable smell of mold ( I had to remove it [ because I could not sleep in the night ], folded it and stored it in the small hall that access my flat. I also found out that most of the kitchen shelves have strong smell of mold as well so I cannot use most of them because it would spoil my food and cutlery. I also found out that the landlords painted over the toilet walls to hide the mold but it showed up just few weeks after I moved in the flat. Mold was also found in the wall behind the bed and close to the floor. The internal dampness worsens each time it runs outside. A further indication that there is not proper insulation against dampness is that frequently I find snails wandering inside my toilet ( which is deep inside my flat and far away from the garden ) ! The only explanation for them is that there must be some channel or pipe underneath the floor that goes from the garden to the toilet which is either broken, has a gap or is plain open. Since a have ulcerative colitis which bleeds frequently, my sleeping gets interrupted in the middle because I have to go to the toilet and then I take about one to four hour to sleep again. As result, frequently, I need to complement my sleeping up to midday. Due to unbearable noise of the neighbors it is impossible to do so which seriously worsen my health condition. In short, I am in a living hell !!! I would like to know if such awful living conditions allow me to terminate the rent agreement before its term. Thank you in advance.
  8. I was told that a tenant has the right to terminate the rent agreement in 6 months even if its term was for one year as far he gives a written notice to the landlord one or two months before ( I am not sure about how long before it should be done ). Is that correct ?
  9. Does the law stipulate a deadline for the landlord to return the deposit to the tenant after the termination of the rent agreement, the tenant having moved out and the property is in good order ?
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