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  1. Hi Yeah you are absolutely right about the six week rule. To recap. WE HAD BOUGHT THE PANASONIC VIERA 26" FOR £1300 IN JANUARY 2005. THE REPLACEMENT VALUE WAS £149.99. This would have given us the same make of tv and identical in most things except a pc port which the original had. Anyway after plenty of haggling I managed to get £499 and bought a 32" VIERA. So all in all we are pleased with outcome. The next day we received a call from one of the drivers who said "I will be with you in five minutes" He wanted to bring the old set back!! Many thanks Ex DSG Man and to all who helped Alf
  2. I have rang currys. No trace of set will call me Wednesday. Tech guys called and wanted to know what was the problem? I was also told that because I have cover plan agreement I will have to wait six weeks before I can invoke the VOUCHER RULE
  3. Thanks for that advice. I respect the points you make regarding the treatment of store staff. I am a customer service adviser so I empathise with your sentiments fully. I will update again tomorow. Thanks again
  4. Just checked my cover plan agreement and it states. IF YOUR PRODUCT CAN'T BE REPAIRED, OR IF IT TAKES LONGER THAN 6 WEEKS TO REPAIR, YOU MEY REQUEST A REPLACEMENT. I shall be going to the store tomorrow to see why my set still has not been returned. It went away on 3rd Nov as we could not receive bbc channels. I have been visited 5 times and advised firstly that the signal was too weak. Then the signal was too strong and I would need to fit an attenuater to reduce signal strength. Which didn't work. The last time it was del;ivered and the fault was still there so it was taken away again. That was on 1st Dec and have heard nothing since. While I may have to abide by the six week rule because thats what the contract says. I will also argue that the contract also says that IF THE PROBLEM CANNOT BE SOLVED OVER THE PHONE, WE WILL SEND AN ENGINEER OUT TO YOU. Well I have never seen an engineer in 5 visits. all iv'e had, have been delivery drivers.
  5. Thanks Scott. I am new here! I will work it out eventualy Alf
  6. I am a new member and seeking help regarding a currys coverplan. This coverplan was for a panasonic 26 lcd tv purchased 4yrs 7mnths ago. I am having technical problems and having similar difficulties as every other customer i've read about on this forum. I understand that Coverplan has been replaced by Whathappens next. The coverplan states 6wks must elapse before vouchers are given. Whathappens next is 21days. I really need to know which apply's to me. Please can someone advise
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