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  1. To give you all a bit of background, I have sent a CCA request to Sharkleycard as I have been paying each month before I realised that I do not know where this debt came from. I realise that I was young and nieve to pay an alleged debt without knowing what is was for but back before the financial meltdown I actually thoughts banks could be trusted. I don't have a Sharkleycard card, and to my knowledge have never applied to nor agreed to such a contract. I have 2 current credit cards, and both are still with MBNA. Sharkleys replied to my CCA request saying that they can't supply it at the
  2. Still waiting for the SAR response however..... I've just received a letter from another A&L customer who was sent a copy of my letter (complete including signature) and the response from A&L. This is clearly a huge risk to my indentity security, does anyone have any suggestions on a letter to send back in complaint??
  3. I'm hoping someone can help as I have a very strange response from Alliance and Leicester. I applied for and took out a loan in April 2006. I've since written on a number of occassions to claim back PPI as I was forced into accepting (you won't get the loan without it). However A&L have now responded saying that my account was opened in April 2006 and closed in May 2006. Now if this is the case why have I been making payments every month? Are they allowed to close an account and open up another without my knowledge/permission? Any suggestions on what to do next? (SAR is
  4. I would strongly advise against trying this. Any credit obtained in the future would be fraudulant and could open you up to prosecution, not to mention if your OC's located you it would not be looked upon very favourably by a judge.
  5. Am I the only person who finds the above contradictory? How, without my signature on something saying they may share my data, are they allowed to record information with a third party?
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