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  1. Hi We have a problem with Carcraft and their Drive Happy warranty. We bought a vehicle from Carcraft at Trafford around 18 months go. We were sold a 5 year Drive Happy warranty, partly because we were told we could take the car to Trafford if there were any problems. We had the 6 month service and were told they did not accept cars for servicing at Trafford and we would have to go to either Liverpool or Rochdale. In this event Carcraft allowed us to take the car to Trafford and they took it to the service centre, however we were told this was to be a one off and i
  2. Thanks for the replies, I did repay a Payday UK loan with the new account, so I suppose they may have shared the info. I just went into the bank, clueless is what I would call them, they couldn't tell me how the cash was withdrawn, either from my debit card or via direct debit. I have an appointment with someone later this afternoon, hopefully they will know what they are talking about
  3. Hi I have defaulted on a payday loan with Wonga. They have taken out c£800 from my account since the day the payment was due, they are not replying to any correspondence and the debt is still at the same level as when I initially defaulted. However the thing that really worries me is that, although I have stopped using the bank linked to Wonga (Coop) and arranged for my wages to go into another account I have (NatWest), I notied 3 x £10 debits there this week. I have now set up online banking and these debits were made by Wonga. I have never given them the details of NatWest and nev
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