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  1. The notice should end on the first or last day of the period of a tenancy. Once the notice ends, your tenancy ends and you no longer have any right to live in your home. I'm a bit confused as to what this means. It sounds like I have to give 30 days notice from the end of my next tenancy (month) period.
  2. Hey guys, I'm shortly ending my tenancy, but it has been blighted by a leaking conservatory for over a year. This is not a new problem either as my dealing with the letting agency has revealed this problem to date back to 2009 and has subsequently got worse. Basically it leaks, quite bad, whenever it rains, and depending on the direction of intensity of the rain is seems to leak in different places (4 or 5 I've counted). I complained about this to my letting agency last Xmas and have since taken numerous photos and have also revisited the complaint many many times. I've been visited by 4 different people (arranged by the letting agency and landlord over the last 9 months) and all have advised it needs replacing. The party line is "we're speakling to the landlord" or "waiting for a guy" or some other bull**** and I've been quite passive to it up until now, but it has ruined a brand new dining table that we bought when we moved in as well as a sentimental item of my girlfriends which has upset her. I have tried to resolve this amicably with my agents, who just seem completely dismissive to it as if they don't want to hear what I have to say but now I am keen to proceed more formally to recover costs as I believe they are in breach of their agreement to keep the property in good condition. Their argument of "well you could have moved your stuff" doesnt really wash with me as I'm effectively paying a premium for a room that is completely unusable, so I should be entitled to a rental rebate to the sum of the price of a room for the duration of my tenancy. In terms of ammo; I have some (I think)...my landlord has regularly visited (hes friends with my neighbours) to "collect mail" but has always tried to get me to go around the letting agency with regardsto any issues so he doesnt have to act upon anything in any formal manner, letting it slip off the radar over time. I haven't said anything to anyone, but he shouldn't be knocking at all given its a managed property. Anyways, any advice would be greatly appreciated. We're moving into our first house so minimal stress would be great! However I have a feeling it wont be the case...
  3. Hey guys, I've just given my notice period on 31st August which I believed to be a rent period i.e. month/30 days (went rolling in March). However my letting agency come back to me yesterday and said my termination date is a month from my tenancy start/rent date which is the 9th therefore October 9th. Is this correct or are they trying to fleece me for another 10 days rent which amounts to something like £150. I checked my tenancy agreement last night and couldnt find anything to support this.
  4. Yup - I've confirmed the deposit is with a protection agency. We also went through an inventory and made a note of things I would call "damage", as well as added several additional artefacts to it in the first two weeks that we initially missed. It's fully managed and it sets out that appliances are the responsibility of the agency not the landlord. I've actually spoke to the landlord and he has complained to them about their service quite recently regarding the non-action on their part. We reported it the first time the washing machine was used so thats covered.
  5. I really despise how most people conduct business and treat customers. They've done nothing to fix the door and the washing machine will break eventually eventhough its just something stuck in the pump i wont touch it its fully managed. The first SNIFF at an opportunity to get a few more quid out of us and they reply almost instantly. Any previous correspondance has been extremely slow. I know my partner will have immense problems when leaving. I suspect ridiculous professional cleaning charges eventhough shes probably the most cleanly person I know.
  6. Great stuff. Is it a problem I changed all my mail to be sent there though? I didn't have anywhere else to send it when I moved from my last let in June. I've been living in a hotel near the office of my current job since and go back to *her* place for the weekends.
  7. Nope, it was only ever a short term solution until we settled into our new jobs and then find somewhere more convienient. 9 month tenancy starting in June (negotiated £25 off PCM if we stayed 9 months instead of 6). We are definitely moving in March.
  8. Trying to charge me £60 for reference check and £75 for the new agreement. I think its absolutely disgusting especially when there are a list of things they said theyd fix and they havent.
  9. Backdrop: Partner had to relocate for job - found her a 2 bedroom apartment for her to move in to and put her as the sole tenant as I wasn't going to be moving with her until I found a new job. Didn't want her paying full council tax. Found a new job and will be starting next month so will be moving in the weekend before the new job starts. I enquired with Martin & Co. about getting my name on the tenancy agreement and they've got back to me asking for £135 for the priviledge. I am shocked. Question is if I don't do this, is my moving in illegal and what action could they take? Thanks in advance.
  10. After several years of sponging off the old man I'll be insuring my car with a private policy in August. However, I've earnt 7 years NCD on the company fleet insurance and I'd like to see this transferred (in some capacity) to my policy. I only know of Direct Line that do this and their quote isn't that impressive at £1200. Can anyone else recommend other brokers/insurers that will take this into consideration?
  11. Why is this so difficult... After considering my options I decided to go with plusnet because of a) the reduced reconnection fee and b) contract option (as im only going to be at the property 8 months and doubt ill continue). But, now plusnet cant proceed with my order citing that BT need to update their systems as the phone number that was previously in use at the address has been reused somewhere else during the disconnection period. Plusnet are telling me I need to speak to BT to update their systems so they can update theirs. BT said its nothing to do with them and that plusnet should be dealing with openreach to sort out fo the reconnection. Now I'm basically being a middle man and bounced between everyone! I've spoken to the landlord and it seems that BT installed the line, then it was migrated to Talk Talk, and subsequently disconnected. As the old phone number has been reused elsewhere I need a new number. Suggestions?
  12. I feel like theres two terms here: installation and reconnection, but alot of the industry trying to sell you things refere to it as an installation rather than a reconnection to insinuate a large fee applies.
  13. Ye, I've rang around it everyone says the line at the property is disconnected. I don't need a install as such, just reconnecting at the exchange. Not that makes any difference! PlusNet looks to be the cheapest option.
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