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  1. Hi, I have heard lot's of different sides to this as to whether it is lawful or not but I thought I'd check with you guys before proceeding with anything. A few months back I was overdrawn by around £17 for no more than two days, at which point I paid the money into the account and sorted everything out, a month later, with no money in the account, I was charged £50 overdraft fees, which I paid off after two days, again, a month later, I was charged, this time for thre seperate things, an interest charge, a blank charge of £28 and another charge of £150, I managed to pay it all off somehow but a month later i was charged for those charges again. After calling Natwest they stated that I could not resolve this over the phone and should write in any complaints, what process should I take? The main issue I have is stopping them charging me again every time they charge me.
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