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  1. Thank you for that. I have written back to them saying I only accept the original amount owed and I will continue to repay them 50.00 a month until it has cleared. Has anyone managed any kind of settlement in the end with Toothfairy? I've seen a lot of posts about them but not many with a resolution - it would be nice to hear whether anyone has managed to come to any agreement with them.
  2. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a toothfairy problem. I've had a number of payday loans that have become a problem in the last month or two. I've contacted all of them and come to a reasonable conclusion with all of them excluding Toothfairy. I've contacted toothfairy a lot of times both before and after the default. The outstanding balance on my due date was £544. I offered a repayment of £50 a month and on the due date I made the first payment of £50.00. Since then I have received a number of texts and emails from toothfairy, NDR and now Marshall Hoare debt collection all of which seem to be a part of Toothfairy. Up until today each time I contact any of these people I have had an automatic system response saying that payment plans are not acceptable and they want payment in full. This morning however I have received an email from Marshall Hoare saying that they will accept a payment plan of £150 a month. The problem is however that instead of it being for the £544 I originally owed them it is now for £1,090 which if you include the payment of £50 I have already made them is now over double what I owe already. I've made a complaint to NDR which they have said they will respond to within a month however in the mean time I'd like some advice as to what happens next from anyone who has had dealings in the past. I assume if this goes to court then I can argue about the unfair fees however I'd rather it didn't get that far, but also I have no intention of paying back over double the amount I am due. It hasn't even been a month since my due date currently! Any advide would be amazing. Thanks Lucy
  3. Hi,I'm having exactly the same problem with them this morning. I'm looking for a contact or just their bank details so I can start making the payments. I had no idea they would appear on my credit score! I just checked this morning! I assumed it would be the same as with most payday lenders that they don't appear! Oops!ThanksLucy
  4. I just got a letter informing me I've defaulted and charging me £59. Although my loan isn't dueto be repayed until tomorrow so I'm not sure how I've defaulted quite yet...
  5. Well I've been emailing them for about 2 weeks now most days and they refuse to set up a payment plan. I've just got another email from them today reminding me their payement is due. Payday is Friday so I'll see hat happens then.
  6. What did you say to them to get that response? I am still in the we won't contact you in writing phase! I got a great one from Payday UK essentially saying they would ignore any of my letters and were going to continue to take the money as normal. I think I will be changing the bank my salary goes into Sometimes you have to laugh at these people.
  7. They've replied to me saying they will only talk to me on the phone but I don't fancy being yelled at so I'm not going to call them! I have their bank details at home if you want them? I'm just going to pay them the money I've promised and ignore any communication. What happened when you defaulted? Did they try and take the money anyway? There seem to be so many horror stories online about them taking money even when you cancel cards and direct debits that I'm trying to open a new account and close the old one!
  8. Wow! That's brilliant! Thank you very much! I suspect quite a lot of them are the same company. I found that when I applied for a number of loans they all turned out have some connection with Wageday advance...
  9. Hi, I am just starting this process with Pounds till payday myself (I just sent the letters off yesterday)! Could someone message me their bank details so I can start my payments to them asap? Thanks Lucy
  10. Hi, I'm trying to set up payment plans with a number of payday loans but I am having trouble finding the bank details. Could someone please message me if they have any of the following bank details: Payday UK (MEM Consumer finance) Pounds till payday Swift Money Uncle Buck Wageday advance Payday Express Early payday I've sent them all a letter offering a £50 payment plan over 6 months but by the sounds of this forum they won't make it easy!!
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