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  1. Thank You. The onus is on them to prove that did commit Fraud. I will fight this, as this has caused severe depression & financial hardship> I will keep you updated - Thank You again for your advice. I hope you read my reply to your 'convenience' question.
  2. Dont worry - I appre3ciate your reply. I wouldnt be taking the company to an Employment Tribunal if I was guilty. My conversion was higher than anyone in the team and therefore, the only way they could interupt these results was to accuse me of 'fixing the stats' - by trying to acheive volume to obtain bonus from the company fraudulently.
  3. disregard my last post. I only noted customers accounts if the insurance has been accepted by the customer, & I had read out the Care insurance T's & C's. If a customer had changed their minds after the product had been applied, I would have requested the product to be removed Sorry about last message - its late & Im tired.
  4. Yes when applicable, but the customer involved did want the insurance & they have 14 days to change their minds, which i believe some customers did. I believe the company's belief that I committed this act is an important point which I will addre3ss at the tribunal. My own manager said to me when I was escorted out of the building that he believed I had done nothing with any malicious forethought, it was just that 1 of the customers wanted to complain to the FSA which the company didn't want - they sacrificed one employee to protect the reputation of the company.
  5. 3 customers called in to say that the insurance products was applied onto their accounts. No calls were recorded to prove my guilt & they dont believe in my innocence. They think I committed Fraud to obtain bonus from the company. Notes printed from customer's accounts, and managers belief in my guilt seems to be what they are basing their case on. I was a good employee, no addence, sickness or behavioural issues were outstanding.
  6. Awaiting your response ... In answer to your question - Going to the toilet is a human right. You dont have to put your han up to go to th toilet, & it is common in a call centre environment to 'account' for every minute of the day. If you have a medical condition which means you have to go frequently or you have to be away from your desk a lot longer, you cannot be penalised for this. Get a medical note to support this if applicable.
  7. Hi, I'm attending an Employment Tribunal hearing this Friday, and I need some advice please. I was dismissed under Gross Misconduct for Fraud, asI used to sell insurance for handsets. 3 customers rang in to say that they didn't want the insurance, so the company thought that I had applied the insurance onto their account to get bonus from the company in a fraudulent manner. As a good sales person, the company didn't believe me, they just think I acheived a good conversion through deception. I was a happy individual, now I am on medication for depression and I am scared to tears about what will happen on Friday. In addition, they said that this case has been brough in a vextacious and revengefull way to obtain monies from the company. Any and all advise will be appreciated greatly. Thank You to anyone and everyone who replies in advance.
  8. Hi, Attend all meetings and hearings> State your case and be honest. Im attending a Disciplinary Hearing soon. I know I'm not guilty, but the last 6 months have been stressful and cause depression, but I would strongly advise you to follow procedure, especially if you work in HR. Be strong. Be Sincere and tell the truth.
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