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  1. I will have to request CCA , you are right waiting for their next action, I am preparing already, and will a need a good solicitor!! thanks for you time!!
  2. thanks for you reply dx100uk did requested cca to previous DCA'S but I had to continue paying to prevent further action, only got abbey old statements but no proof of credit agreement, need to dig it , but in the past any agreement [in 2008 court actions] was valid in court, reasons is judges say "if you are paying then you own the debt", difficult to defend judges did accept any document as long it had you signature [read old cases ] and also can no afford a solicitor yet, can you please change the title of the post to the original please !! thank you
  3. Thank you for you reply uncle i THINK THEY ARE JUST PHISHING, receive many letters from them over the year, about filling this financial form, they I have been told by an old solicitor, court and solicitors an d barrister cost them money, they are just the easy way out , like offering a low settlement why ? any ideas?
  4. Hello Need some sort of advise about this collectors., Dryden/Fairfax /arrow/ got hold years ago for an old debt [ABBEY/MBNA CC ] THEY MAY NO EVEN HAVE AN ORIGINAL AGREeMENT, [older than 2007] did no ever requested a CCA request because was paying to Federickson before being passed to this guys. I do know they will have to go many years to find the original aggreement from ABBEY BUILDING SOCIETY CREDIT CARD [mbna] For What I gather they are very aggressive, now I have being paying a minimum payment for what I can afford, over £4k to pay but now I received a letter about "repayment arrangement expired" but did never signed any arrangement with them [fairfax] anyway, just paying what I can afford. Never miss a payment!!..Now asking to fill financial statement, within 14 days or what?, to prevent further action , they say " recommencing to recover the debt", well I have being paying it for a few years, so : -do I have to fill financial statement and send it to them, I thought only court can ask for that? :- what do they mean for recommencing to recover the debt ? :- are they just harassing to pay quicker :-IF they are going to take me to court why now after many years? any ideas?
  5. Hi I totally agree with you , I decided to ignore this letter !!! Thanks
  6. Hi Thanks for your reply. Calming down now lol Thanks
  7. Hi Many thanks for your kind reply, I understand what you mean just a bit concern how to deal with this DCA in case I miss something, that is all again Thank you
  8. Hi thanks you for reply. the thing is this account has been in dispute with the original creditor for over 2 years, got the evidence and then they sold the account to this present DCA while in dispute and the TS is not impressed by it at all such they told me. Awaiting investigation !!! How the present DCA is going to deny a previous dispute before their time. Thanks
  9. hi I am in the same position they sen tme a dubious document they alleged is an agreement ( al least they are now bound fo r what the said) and by being cross-examined it is unenforceable an d with wrong details Any comment swould be appreciated th e thread is help - DCA reckon found CCA BUT it is dubious Thanks
  10. Update 1) On having a further cross examination on the documents after they sent me the so called dubious agreement, it has got a number appearing at the top, above the printed name which is actually not my name ( crossout and changed in handwriting to my name ), a 16 digits number which is TOTALLY DIFFERENT TO THE 16 digits number NUMBER PROVIDED BY THE DCA in their letter FOR THIS TYPE of account. Now would that prove this is the wrong agreement ???. From a different thread, Bazooka Boo said " Quote: Originally Posted by tom a The problem I find with the Cabot letter is the last 8 digits of the account number are different to my account number. Thats because they have got it filed under their own reference system, using their own account numbers. Send them nothing, [email protected] are a waste of space." But as the cross examiner said ( can not be revealed) thesse are the only reference numbers provided and are incorrect!!! So would that make this document incorrect. besides there are not pre-scribed terms and conditions contained in the signature box, on the same page where it was signed!!! 2) Also it is almost illegible but at the bottom of the document, only a single page, it says: "..the general conditions applying to the card as set out separately and the details about the card as set out overleaf.." Now there is nothing overleaf on the same sheet of paper, as it is blank but as I said before the separate documents sent , unsigned, saying terms and conditions is a 2 pages a4 size, hardly overleaf because it would not fit all on an a4 size paper and it is unsigned and it is referred as "this is a copy of your agreement" but not reference whatsoever or link or page number to the first page. Any comments please. I f anybody know Bazooka Boo please asking for comments. Thanks
  11. Hi I go the same problem, could you please comment on my thread please.. the thread is http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/238531-help-dca-reckon-found.html i.e help - DCA reckon found CCA BUT it is dubious Also I would like to pm you but you are not receiving any messages Vidrio
  12. hi Thanks for feedback. Yes point taken, in fact a solicitor that know my neighbour said that, basically they have not complied in FULL !!! UNDER THE CCA 1974 Creditor obligations because I have not received DEFAULT NOTICE and not even notice of assignment. Hence it would be considered an UNFAIR practice due to 1.4 The objectives of pre-action protocols are: (1) to encourage the exchange of early and full information about the prospective legal claim, (2) to enable parties to avoid litigation by agreeing a settlement of the claim before the commencement of proceedings, (3) to support the efficient management of proceedings where litigation cannot be avoided. and as pt said on his thread they are no giving me enough time to assess the case. I am entitled to as much info as I need and it is my right!!! Thanks
  13. No, what I said before I issued a CCA request to the first DCA / OC and they defaulted more than a year ago in fact they closed the account. Now after a long time this present DCA alleged THEY BOUGHT THE DEBT and issued a LBA letter and I consequently issued the CCA request to them and they defaulted initially but lately received this dubious agreement. It is unfair because the OC sold this debt to this DCA while it was disputed !!! At the moment I considering my options!!! What I need to know follows Would anybody that know about this CPR explain to me about the liabilities or implications about issuing this request, without starting proceedings. i.e am I liable to court cost??? and What evidence I need to issue a disclosure under cpr 31.16 if it is correct in summary will the court make me liable in any manner cost if it find me unfair or would the DCA CLAIM COST FOR THIS REQUEST OR CONTERCLAIM.... Any comment please thanks thanks
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