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  1. Thanks for your help gamestation refunded in full this morning on the grounds of proof of postage they say they still dont have the xboxs but i dont care where they r anymore! thanks again!
  2. hi many thanks for the advice, u have put my mind at rest at least regarding who is liable for the loss in the post, if they r even lost in post for all i know they could be in gamestations warehouse lost! if i was paying for the return postage they would of went tracked and fully insured for £500. i will post back on monday after ive spoke to gamestation enjoy the rest of the weekend! thnaks mike
  3. Hi thanks for the reply. i never paid the postage cost i sent them back to the free post address, gave the two boxs to the post office lady and she gave me "two certificates of posting slips" it was not to later on in the day i seen there was no tracking number, just a post office stamp and gamestations address on the slips. up intill today gamestation is saying they dont have them
  4. Hello hope your good today well better then me anyway. i was wondering if anyone could offer a little advice regarding gamestation. on the 10/11/09 i ordered two xbox 360's modern warfare 2 super elite consoles all arrived no probs there. anyway on the 24th i changed my mind and sent them back (still sealed) using gamestations FREE returns address on there website, i must also add there was/is no mention of obtaning a returns a authorization number on there website. so i took both parcels to the post office with the returns address sticker attached and was a bit stunned when the lady only gave me two slips of paper with no tracking info just got a post office stamp and gamestations address on them (certificate of posting it's got written on them) now this is where i am getting worried i rang up gamestation today to chase up my refunds and only to be told there is no record of the xboxs being returned, now i am really crapping myself thats £500.00 in the post somewhere. my question is if royal mail have lost them who is liable? me or gamestation, i was holding on to the hope gamestation was since they paid for the return postage or am i wrong? will i have any rights under my visa debit card if they insist on not refunding? i really cant afford to lose this much money on top of xmas any advice of best way forword would be great, sleepless night for me tonight! thanks for haven a read mike
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