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  1. anyone??????? I default tomorrow, I intend to offer them £20 a month, I owe £525...Gonna email them tonite, with offer of payment, does anyone have a email address for these guys??
  2. Can anyone who has defaulted with Payday Uk tell me what to expect, are these a pain in the backside to deal with, im due to pay them friday, but gonna send a repayment offer email to them tomorrow...already opened new bank account, so just concerned and wondering what to expect
  3. I brought the flat for 220K in dec 2007, it is now worth, if im, lucky 170K, so no there is no equity.....I understand the repo would appear on my credit file, but as I intend to go bankrupt anyhow, it appearing on credit file for 6 years wont make a big difference in the grand scheme of things....what I do need to know is, I intend to offer a payment plan to my mortgage company, should I just call them or make the offer in writing(email or letter)??
  4. Evening People Dec 2007 myself and my now ex, took out a mortgage with Leeds, sadly 6 months later our relationship ended. Basically Im now living in the flat, but Im seriously struggling to meet the payments, I want to make a offer of a payment plan, would it be best to email them(so its in writing) or call them, Im guessing email them, but saying they can call me to disgust... If it was my choice I would simply stop payments and be repossessed, but sadly the ex is still on the mortgage and doesnt like that idea
  5. Well when I applied they asked for employment details, I never gave them contact details, guess they found them out themselves, I dont think they told him when they rang, but boy did they ring, Im a courier driver, so Im never ever in the office, he told them that, they finally listened.
  6. I think I borrowed arround 400, Ive easily paid back the original loan several times ova trust me. The think is Im currently looking at going bankrupt in the next few months, clearly Im allowed to add this debt to my growing list, when I do go bankrupt, correct?? When I email them, can I add a few lines in stating to contact me only and any phonecalls to my boss or any one other than me, will be seen as harassment??
  7. Ok, like many many people Ive fallen into the trap of the pay day loan, after several months, probably knocking on year and a half , of just paying of the interest, Ive decided its time to stop the cycle... What I need to know, is whats the best course of action, the payment is due this friday, my next pay day, Ive already asked my boss not to pay me into my current bank account, the one they have details for, and today went and opened a new account with the co-op. Should I let payday UK know that I wont be making a payment this payday and will defaulting on the loan, and offer a payment plan...another words, is it best to be unfront or is it best to just let then try and take a payment and when it fails, and deal with the aftermath. Also Iv had then call my boss before, and dont want this to happen again, what actions can I take to ensure they dont call him his time around??
  8. Evening all, not posted for a while, as been trying to sort things with the ex(more fun than you can imagine!!)...the facts are, iv decided that bankruptcy is defo the way for me, i owe more money than you can imagine(well probably not, but its enough for me). After speaking to the ex, she decided she wanted to sell this place before I go bankrupt, fair enough, except she wants me to pay half the costs, where she thinks Im gonna get that sort of money is beyond me, I have nothing left, I am flat broke. When I said I think the best route is simply to have this place repossessed, she basically told me she would take me to court to prove that I can afford to pay the mortgage etc, I told her to go for it, I am right in thinking she has no case, we both signed the mortgage forms, and therefore the Judge would simply point out to she we are both liable and If I wont pay she would have to, he couldnt force me to pay...correct?? The plan is to go bankrupt in may/june time, in the mean time not paying the mortgage or service charge(I can add any arrears on the service charge to my BR??), allowing me to save up some cash, to help when I come to rent etc....would that be the best idea??
  9. First thanks for the advice, It just seems to me, my ex holds all the cards still, I dont see the point in going bankrupt unless I get rid of the flat first, otherwise I could still be landed with a £25K debt after going bankrupt, beats the point really... I cant afford to live here anymore, Iv asked the ex to move back in to the flat, so I could move some where cheaper, and sort my life out, she refused(like I said, holds all the cards), basically because she doesnt want to be landed with the negative equity, all she says is 'it was a joint venture' and we are both liable, I guess she is correct, just didnt expect her to walk away 6 months into a 35 year mortgage!! Im going to suggest we cut our loses and sell up, but how would it look selling up landing myself with more debt and then declaring myself bankrupt?? Will it look bad on me?? I have spoke to the CCCS and I have more going out than coming in, nearly to the tune of £300 a month. Also how hard is it to rent once Im bankrupt?? Me and a few mates, who all know my plans, are thinking of renting together, this will reduce my housing outgoings by 50%!! Also how much does the OR allow to live on?? I dont expect the life of riley, but are you allow enough to have ok life, I mean enough to eat, cover the bills, pay the car insurance and cover things like hairdressers etc???
  10. Evening, a few years ago I used these forums to claim back by bank charges with great affect, I found the help and advice on here invaluable. Sadly I now need your help again, as I am now at crisis point, and need to know what my options are. I have spent most of my adult life dealing with debt, i am now 29, and cant let it go on anymore, yes Ive made mistakes, but Ive also been let down my other people, people I thought I could trust. I currently owe around 7k to around 6 creditors, ranging from personal loans, credit cards to a stupid payday loan, currently after advice from the CCCS, I an in the process of making token payments to all creditors, but I am still being harrassed. I have nothing against going bankrupt, I not proud, but also believe sometimes you have to take a full, to start again, and god I just want to start again. Now Im sure your all saying well just go bankrupt, but I have a small issue. My flat...In Dec 2007 I was happy engaged to my fiance, and we decided to buy a house together, my debts were in control and so we went ahead. We brought a flat thought the government homebuy scheme, this ment we raised a mortgage for half the value(£110K) and the government gave us another mortgage for the other 110K, the government mortgage we didnt have to pay for the first 3 years. Well just six months later my fiance left me for another man. It detroyed me completely. I fell apart and so did my life. My ex lived in the flat until Feb 2009 , when myself and brother moved in as she said she couldnt afford to live here, well nor can I anymore, she has made it clear she doesnt want to move back, she doesnt want to buy my share of me(well I offered to sign the flat over to her for nothing, its lost 40K since we brought it, so there is no equity what so ever), basically because she knows the fact were in negative equity and she wants me to pay me share. If i had my way I would send the keys to the mortgage company and declare myself bankrupt, but what would happen to the flat, Im happy to loose it, I need to start again, but would the money I owe the mortgage company be included in the bankruptcy order?? also my only real asset is my car, a 1997 Celica worth less the 1K and is needed to get to and from work, would they take it from me??
  11. Thanks for the reply. How would I check its genuine?? And where would I even start when it come's to staying te charging order?? Sorry..im a tad of an idiot when it comes to this stuff....also what are my grounds to have the CCJ set aside, is it because I wasnt ade aware of it, when they first went for it?? Agains cheers for any help/advice.
  12. The letter I recieved today has the original judgement with it, but I was never made aware this account was even going to court in 2008. They sent the summonds to an old address, so I had no way to defend myself. They them contacted me and told me i had a CCJ against myself, I asked to see a copy and was basically told it didnt matter weather I saw it or not. It exsisted and I had to pay. Ive been paying by installments but have missed a few and now they have issued this charging order. What can I do??
  13. Please I need your help people. Today I recieved a application for a charging order from howard cohen. This is concerning a CCJ from January 2008. I never knew about this Order until Howard Cohen sent me a letter, stating that a CCJ had been made against me. When I asked why I hadnt recieved any documents concerning this, I was informed that they had ent everything to a old address and that it was my problem, I asked to see a copy of the CCJ, but was told I couldnt and I would have to pay. I agreed a installment plan with them, which I have to admit I didnt keep to. What are my options?? Im happy to pay the debt of in installments, but is that now to late?? The fact is, the flat of mine already has 3 charges on it, as I brought it though a goverment scheme. And is in negative equity to the tune of £50k.
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