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  1. Ok will do thanks so much will keep you posted
  2. Yes invoices are all 2007
  3. No time like present! Here is the letter
  4. Ok Thanks both of you I will scan it up when I get to work after lunch and take personal stuff off
  5. Should I be feeling happier you said that or not? I am still unsure whether to send this letter or not - can someone kick me up the bum to make a decision!
  6. The debt was for materials for a job my Husband was doing the invoices were dated 2007 and no payments were made and the dca is AR Legal Collections
  7. So you are saying don't reply. What worries me years ago we had some skinhead bloke turn up for a different thing and asked for my husband as if he was a workmate then issued me with a bankruptcy letter. I really don't want to do that again. As it turned out the Company went under and I had managed to worm my way round things until then - this time at the end of the day my husbands 55 and I am 48 I really cant stand the pressure - had such a peaceful life after losing our home and god what a sacrifice that was
  8. I don't really just want to do nothing as I thought I was over being scared of the postman. This is my husbands debt and he try's so hard. Been together 30 years and as said the last 5 years renting. He is working nights this week and I need to reassure him everything will be ok. They said if they don't receive payment in 7 days from date of letter they will send statutory demand and then bankruptcy
  9. Oh ok get you now - thanks again letter typed and ready for recorded delivery tomorrow. Also have my Husbands Dads funeral to finalise speeches etc tonight for service Friday - Happy Days!
  10. Sorry in what contexts does lowlifes mean? Also if I keep the letter short and sweet as advised would they know exactly what I was getting at - sorry just want to do the letter tonight as they have only given 7 days from date of letter 30.06.2015
  11. Ok Thanks again I can always rely on you guys for excellent advice
  12. Ok Thanks, so just send what you have put and not the lengthy letter under letter templates?
  13. Ok Thank you - so I send the Statute barred letter then like now as letter came today and don't want to receive a statutory demand? God only knows how they knew where we lived as not on the electrol roll as not been there long enough and have moved like 3 times in 5 years and we don't have any credit
  14. Thanks for your response. Dont want to upload letter through fear of them being on here! But it was a suppliers agreement for materials £10,000 As above a suppliers agreement Copy invoices say 2007 Think the original agreement may of been 2005, not sure as don't recall ever seeing one! Hope this helps
  15. Hi Everyone I have not been on here for a long time as thought all my worries were over after selling our home of 17 years due to Acenden and another well known mortgage vulture. Anyway we have been renting for the last 5 years and have received a letter from a debt collector for an old debt from 2007. They are threatening a statutory demand then bankruptcy if we don't pay in the next 7 days. I am aware that all debt collectors are bully boys and have dealt with alot of them over the past. I presume this debt as it is over 6 years old cant be chased?? Bankruptcy is not an
  16. I would like to Bump this thread as I have had a very similar letter - did read on here about if a bill is for over 1 year old then they cant chase but for both of us can someone give some advice please
  17. They had no time to object but still paying CCJ as dont want anymore hassle! If someone can say that they wont chase on a CCJ considering we have moved and dont know our new address then I might stop paying them as they were rouges!
  18. They didnt say anything as they were still covered by CCJ - this is what happens it falls back down to a CCJ so they still get the money all be it over a very long term!! But atlease they dont take the equity out your house and you keep that to try and move on
  19. Sorry for delay this all happened over a year ago! Joint one had to be paid - Single one fell down to a CCJ as before. You have to get all info and shove it under Solicitors nose it has to basically give the creditor no time to respond so the later the better. He has to act in your best interest. Mine took abit of convincing but was amazed at what she learnt from it all and thanked me so she could do the same for others! Good Luck just stick to your guns.
  20. Just noticed that you cant read these! Will re post them tomorrow at work as scanner better there. any tips for posting attachements on here would be helpful!
  21. Here are the Hire Agreement and a section from terms and conditions which is section 12.1. Bearing in mind we did not have the terms ad conditions when we signed! I obtained these through a SARS to which they still did not include until I hammered them for them as the agreement stipulates terms and conditions!
  22. I think it states min 48 payments then a further chance to continue paying or you can hand vehicle back or sell it on and make the final payment. At work so dont have it in front of me but could post it up if you need taking out all the personal stuff
  23. I have not wrote yet and need to get this right so can you confirm what I need to do. It says Hire Agreement Regulated by CCA. They asked for Vehicle back as we had moved etc, we then dropped it off at a place near by and they told us to leave keys under wheel arch! No vehicle inspection report given, we had taken pictures inc the mileage. Once they had vehicle back then sent me shortfall letter. No breakdown of figures etc.
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