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  1. correct,not an emergency in the slightest. i know he's broken the contract and that, but i really don't want to move out, i just wonder if there's any way of pursuing the issue away from that?
  2. About 10 minutes ago, my landlord's father and a plumber just opened my front door. i'm absolutely furious and curious what i can/should do? there's been a problem mentioned to us about a minor leak in the apartment below us in a bathroom, and we've obliged with a prior request to stop using our shower for two days to test if this solved the problem. i received a text message from my landlord yesterday (wednesday) morning asking for entry 'this AM' for a plumber. i never replied, as i was a bit annoyed. now i find today, sitting at home that there's someone in my hallway. no buzzed entry, no knock on the door, nothing. just two complete strangers in my home. foolishly, i let them come in after a quick tidy, just to try and get the problem sorted. i was a bit shocked to see them and realise now i should've told them to leave immediately, but what's done is done. what can/should i do about this? is a strongly worded letter to the landlord about the summation of all i can do? obviously he's breached the contract and i could leave etc, but i really don't want to. have i any grounds to follow this through with any legal process? i could've been asleep in bed, in the shower they were about to try and fix or anything. i'm so angry! thanks
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