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  1. Hi Erika The first letter to come was from PC and that said that PC would be stopped from 12/7 The second letter was from HB and they said that HB would be suspended from 12/7 The reason that PC gave was that PC is being stopped because I am involved in making reborn dolls. This is no longer true though, I stopped making reborn dolls back last November. The letter read as if they believe that I'm still doing this. Hi Golden syrup, it doesn't matter to me if anyone from the DWP reads my post here and can identify it with me, I'm being honest and saying nothing that they don
  2. Hi Insyder, I'm not sure of an average income over time and they haven't given me a figure of what is owed back to them. We just told the truth at the interviews and I had been reborning since 2007. Hi Kelcou, This is the problem here, I'm not sure where or when a hobby becomes a business, I guess in hindsight I should have looked into this but didn't think about it at the time. I didn't try to hide anything, even had my name and address on my ebay 'me' page. Starting as a business scares the living daylights out of me, i know nothing about running a business and don't think I wou
  3. , Thanks, thats the first time i've smiled all day. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you for your replies loopinlouie, No I didn't claim anything personally, not incapacity or anything, hubby just claimed HB, Council tax thingy and pension credit. We have no income now, just hubbies state pension which doesn't even cover the rent.
  5. can we make new claims then? are we allowed to do that even though they've stopped the benefits?
  6. what do we do in the mean time regarding paying rent etc? I no longer make dolls. Yes, at the interview they did have details of all transactions on ebay and paypal details.
  7. No, reborn uk isn't my site, i don't have a website, I simply made reborn dolls from home just like a hobby just as many ladies do, and sold them just to continue my hobby as I needed to buy the supplies for them. we just need to know where we can take advice now and what will be likely to happen.
  8. Hi Last November my husband and myself were accused of benefit fraud. We were called into housing benefit office and were interviewed seperately, under caution by both housing benefit and pension service. My husband is 69 years old and I am 49. My husband retired from work at 65 and I have been unwell on and off since 2002 after suffering from cancer. We live in a privately rented house and claimed housing benefit, council tax benefit and hubby also claimed pension credit as we had a short fall in our rent. I happened upon reborn dolls and began reborning and selling on ebay some time
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