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  1. I hope someone can help me in 2000 barclays closed my busines account and also my personal account because i had exceeded my overdraft limit i agreed to pay the amount back and they accepted this i owed £3280 and repaid £500 straight away. I was out of work and could not afford to pay any more so i asked for some time to pay they wasted no time in sending me a CCJ this annoyed me so i let it run its course and it was on my credit rating fo 6 years since then i buried my head in the sand and ignored any letters from debt collection agencies until recently when i had a couple from Scotcall i don"t know what to do about this when I received a letter from Barclays telling me my personal account was over the agreed overdraft limit this is the same account they closed 9 years earlier so I phoned them and asked for my statements for the past 9 years they said they only went back three years this bill of £174 must be madr up of charges and its took almost ten years to contact me i don"t know what to do about either of these things and would really appreciate some advice thanks idal:cry:
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