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  1. Hello all. I was foolish to take out a bonus loan with this company and have been paying them 45 pound per week for the last 10 weeks. There are another 42 weeks to pay and I am now in a position to repay early. Can anyone tell me if I have to pay the full amount of interest on this loan? They are telling me I do!!! I have had numerous roll overs with them hence the reason I owe them this amount. I apparently have gold status with them. Whoopee. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. They seem to think I have to pay another 42 weeks worth of interest!!
  2. Happy new year all. I took out a bonus loan with this company and I am in a position whrre I can now settle my loan early. Can anyone advise me if I would be entitled to a reduction in the interest payable for doing so? The bonus loan offers one payment back for every payment made on time every six payments. I currently pay 45.00 per week over 52 weeks. I have paid 10 weeks so far. I do not see why I should pay the full amount for paying early. Any advice please
  3. Thanks for the response. Yes the disability was caused by the accident of which prevents me from working. The esa is income related. Regards
  4. But surely would that kind of change not constitute indirect discrimination against the disabled? Taking away their priority? Placing the disabled at a disadvantage
  5. Good evening all, Some help needed please. I have been on the council's transfer list to move for the last 3 years as a medical priority as being assessed as medical priority B by their independent doctor. I was placed in Band 2. I went down the list to position number 3 so was hoping to move very soon. The reasons for moving were because I am registered disabled and there are 72 steps to get into my current property. This is next to impossible as I have mobility issues. When my partner called the council the other day she was told that are band has changed and we are now position 10 in Band 3. When my partner questioned why we had moved bands she was told they had a policy change in April 2013. So it has taken over 6 months for us to be informed of the change of policy!! Not at any point has any letter been sent to advise us. The only letter we have had is one dated 02ndOctober stating position number 3 in Band 2. Now when I have looked at their new policy band 2 only applies to those that are working,in training or foster carers. So all of the disabled people in band 2 have been thrown out and either placed in band 1 or band 3 like me. Can anyone tell me if this breaches the housing allocation law? Also does this breach protected characteristics? In other words someone who works has more priority than one who is disabled placing the disabled person at the disadvantage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Phil
  6. Margaret there is something playing on my mind as it is now 1.30am and I can't sleep worried about everything that has gone on over the last few months. I received a letter from the DLA dated 29th September stating they have looked at my claim after myself asking for a reconsideration. I did not ask for a reconsideration I just sent in medical reports for their records. The letter stated that my claim from 2012 to 2014 remains the same. So in other words the decision was to keep me at higher rate mobility and middle rate care. Then a few days later I received the decision on my renewal to remove the benefit in its entirety! This does not make sense. So in September they agree that I am entitled but as soon as January 2014 arrives im no longer entitled. Surely if this was the case then they would remove my claim now if they presume I have no problems? Does this make sense to you or anyone else reading this post? Regards
  7. At least they responded within the 14 day notice I gave them at atos.
  8. Many thanks for responses. Margaret I never had an assessment but I think my gp was asked for a report. The funny thing is all my appointments have mostly been with other specialists so he really would not know much. I only really see the gp when I need more meds. The atos offer was a couple of hundred. This was without an involvement of a solicitor. I think I will throw the towel in on this one. I have enough to deal with especially with the atos appeal and the esa appeal to the upper tribunal once I have received the statement of reasons. I will just wait and see what response I get to esa50 I had to fill out. Many thanks
  9. Ok here is an update. Received letter from DLA stating I need help with nothing!! States I dont suffer panic and anxiety although a psychological report handed to them a mere couple of weeks ago states depressive disorder with agoraphobia and panic disorder!!! States I have no walking issues although I have sent them a neurologist letter stating a severe disability with leg tremor. Then it goes on to say I have no issues with bladder although I wet myself. I states I can cook and wash even though I can't get in the bath and wash dry and dress lower torso as I can't bend. Another letter arrived from atos with an offer of consolatory payment as an apology without prejudice. Should I accept? Help!!!!
  10. Oh yes and the tribunal judge and doctor said because I can handle an appointment with doctors etc then I am able to engage in work related activities. I said the doctor's appointments are to try and enable me to be pain free of which im not. But they are there to help me find diagnosis and treatment. They went on to say because I can attend my sons parents evening this also makes me capable. I mean what is all this about? They asked me how I handle changes to my routine? I swear and I get angry I throw things and punch walls when times get hard. What did they want me to say?? did they want me to say I want to kill people and cause damage to property??? Absolute monsters. Next time maybe I need to throw the tribunal bundle and ask her if that is enough for you!! Come on im not bonkers im human at the end of the day yet they seem to think someone who suffers constant pain,someone who pi###s themself is an idiot. Have some dignity.
  11. I don't know what is going on with the welfare system in this country anymore. I have been more than cooperative with the DWP by keeping them informed of my health situation and feel that it is all for nothing. When I first claimed esa it was because I was sacked from work due to capacity as I was unable to work. It turned out I was sacked unfairly. I was then told by the dwp I was fit for work. Obviously I appealed that decision. I was then placed in the support group and had been for three years until the medical with atos. Not at any point was I told what had changed or what they thought had changed. I have spent the last 4 and a half years more or less begging for a benefit that I am entitled to. It sickens me to the core. I have severe constant back pain. I have burning feet numbness from waist down awaiting Emg. I have severe leg tremors of which affects my walking causing further pain to the back. The tremors in my legs make me feel as though I have walked miles as the muscles continue to contract viciously. On top of this I have the lazy bladder with the inability to feel when I need to go. Then there is the diagnosis of panic disorder with agoraphobia along with depressive disorder. I just can't win whatever I do im made to feel like crap. The funny thing is the dwp have been repaid every benefit I have had because of my ongoing pi claim due to my accident. Very annoyed and very upset.
  12. Margaret I did not get the point you made of risking my award as they are taking it away in January anyway? I think im going to need some advice very soon as this really is getting on top of me.
  13. sorry if I have not been clear. I was awarded high rate mobility and middle rate care in 2012 and it was till 2014,that was the award. I had to fill out the form that they ask you to fill out. I called today and they said that after my claim ends in January 2014 my claim will be ended as it has been disallowed by the decision maker! I am waiting for the letter to confirm this. She said I will be able to ask for a reconsideration.
  14. I want to bring justice against Atos Healthcare for the treatment that they are bringing to thousands of people within the uk who are being denied benefits of which they are more than entitled to. To add insult it would seem my DLA decision has been made on Tuesday to remove my high rate mobility and middle rate care as from next year. It just gets better. Losing the will to fight but one must carry on.
  15. So would that be deemed as a point of law if they used the new descriptors?
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