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  1. Yes I have. Does this make a difference?
  2. Hi. Thank you for all your advice, if Bryan Carter do apply for a CCJ, will I have a chance to defend it? if yes, what would be my defence. thanks again
  3. HI and ty.Its for a Credit card with Mint taken out in 2007. I ran into trouble a year later and was paying £30 pre month, they were piling on the interest, the more I paid the more they wanted etc. In Jan 2009 I stopped paying altogether as I just couldnt, once I stopped paying, they stopped contacting me. Now out of the blue the letter from Bryan Carter. The original debt was for £1424, its now £2119. Thats a lot of charges and interest.Should I write disputing the debt and ask for CCA then.Thanks so much for advice.
  4. It is for a credit card. I want to send the letter, but I am not sure it is covered by a CCA as its a fairly recent debt and I have heard they dont have supply a CCA for debts taken out after 2007. Do you know if this is true. thanks.
  5. Hi. I have recently received a letter from a bryan carter solicitors Re: Mint...FINAL NOTICE the letter states dear sir/madam, You have failed to reply to this debt which is seriously overdue. this matter will be referred for court proceedings to be issued in 10 days if payment is not received at our office by that date. Then letter continues to say about adding costs, interests ect should it be necessary to go to court ..and that i must make payment before a certain date if i wish to avoid going to court and that it will remain on judgment for 6 years. Not sure what to do? I was going to send them a letter disputing the debt and asking for my CCA, but I am not sure it is covered, someone told me the debt has too be before a certain date in 2007. Can someone please explain this too me? and what do I do if my debt falls in the expection of this. thanks all advice really appreciated.
  6. My 18 yr old son was recently attacked by a thug, who hit a bottle in his mouth, to cut a long story short, he had extensive injuries incluing having to have his jaw wired, luckily he is recoving however his teeth are a mess, the dentist has said he will lose 4 of this front teeth and a bridge is unsuitable due to the gums and other teeth being too weak to support it due to the tramua from the attack. He has referred him to a specialist for implants, however he is a student and nor him or I could possibly find the thousands this will cost, do you think he would have a case to have these implants on the NHS and if so how do I go about applying for funding? any help really appreciated. thanks.
  7. Thank you for your welcome. I will take your advice and do that. Have you had any experience with Newman and Co?..what there likely course of action will be after? I have read some dca take different approaches, what are theres usually?. tks again.
  8. HI. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on Newman and Co. They have sent me a couple of very frightening letters on behalf of a credit card debit from Mint. Now I know I do owe this money, well less the added charges, I tried to arrange payment with Mint, after explaining my circumstances, however they refused to come to an arrangement I could afford. Now Newmans are involved, what will happen? how aggressive are they, any advice what I should do. All help and advice welcome. ty
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