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  1. nothin yet its a no win no fee type agreement with an agreed fixed amount they would take of any compensation.
  2. well some good news... i been approached a by a firm who want to take my case on after reading my thread so im gona see how that goes!
  3. not very well as they decide to uphold their decision to sack!! been advised by union not to pursue it any further!
  4. not got my letter yet as only had appeal hearing a few days ago. my rep from work told me on the day of the appeal that senior rep couldnt come. my work union rep had attended all meeting with me and prepared any notes / actions for the meeting.
  5. the only logs available are the 5 randon days which i was given copies of but tbh didnt check thru them and took their word it amounted to 20%... my union rep has that file with allevidence. a senior rep should have accompanied me to the appeal meeting but was told he was ill and couldnt come! the key points for my appeal my rep gave were: 1) Decision was inconsistent with other cases of this kind; 2) Offer to repay the time I used was not properly considered; 3) Previous good conduct was not taken into account; 4) A statement made in the chairs summary referred to continued use of the internet, which was originally thrown out, but clearly had a bearing on the decision when it shouldn’t have been referred to in the first place. i offered to give my holiday which was over 20 days... still werent havin it!! policy says u can use internet whenever really as long as u show it as a break on time sheet. i think i was given the policy when i first started but cant remebre tbh and they reminded us at a team meeting was about familiarising oursleves wuith the policy. also when u log in to ur pc u some times get a msg saying net use is monitored. when i was told about the net use i tried to get hold of the policy via the intranet and could i get it... not a chance! i had to email HR to get hold of a copy... so accessibility to the polict is an issue but my rep never reaklly pushed on this! i am not ware of 2 appeal stages, my rep said next step is tribunal?
  6. glimmer of hope? came across this story...should i be hopeful?? They were sacked for surfing the internet at work ? now sisters win £7,600 damages - Scotsman.com News
  7. well my appeal was based on afew reasons why the punishment was too harsh of which one was inconsistency in dealing with such cases. it appears that theres only been one dismissal due to net use and even that person had a number of other relating issues goin on too. they also admitted that there was a few other cases where employees did not get dismissed were junior officers, hence didn’t know any better... talk about one rule for one and one for others!! not sorted out benefits yet as waiting to hear outcome of their decision.
  8. i think the calculations are right, but they figs varried from each of the 5 days from 2% right upto 40%!! that particular day with 40% hit the average hard as others were between 2% - 15% i usually do have the internet open even when im not looking at it... i kno that was foolish but i guess i just flicked back here and there not realising the it was being logged all the time!
  9. apparently they only investigated 5 'randoms days' from a specific month with each day being different and the based the findings on those five sample days.
  10. just to update... had my appeal hearing the other day and they upheld the decisionn to sack me!! so the question is should i bother going to tribunal? have i got a decent case?? thanks
  11. doubt if i can get any proof but im pretty sure onceim out of the picture for good, that advert will come out and that witness will get it!!
  12. its not out officially a friend of mine who still works there came across it in the print outs but unfortunately didnt think to get a copy done. i also hear that the revised job is being lined up for one of the witnesses that made a statement against me but couldnt recall dates and times of the use! it just sounds too dodgy in my opinion.... the hearing will be interesting.
  13. well i just found out that they have already drawn up a job advert for my job even before my appeal hearing has taken place!! this suggests to me that my hearing nxt week is a foregone conclusion and it is just a fomal process they have to do!! another thing i heard was it has been down graded to roughly half the salary with basic roles and responsibilities!! so another question is if they by miracle uphold my appeal and let me bak, will they will offer me the job at a much much lower scale?? where do i stand with all this? r they allowed to do this?? Cheers
  14. thanks for the info. another thing i would like some clarity on if possible is that 5 of my oustanding annual leave days was from the previuos year which i carried over. so shouldnt i get those outright as that has nothing to do with my annual leave entitlemnt for this financial year?? thanks
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