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  1. I wrote a letter to the council outlining my concearns to which they replied that as the receptionist told the guy where I worked and then my colleague asked him to wait in out little reception area that that was ok. It also stated that the guy asked me to accompany him to the reception area of the building when he initially stopped me, which is an out and out lie, he stopped me inside the reception area then asked me to take a seat. Im going to pay the fine tomorrow as the letter stated that the fine still stands, but am not happy with this. Anyway everyone, thanks for your feedback.
  2. Hey there, Thanks for all your replys, whilst I can understand that 'because everyone else' was doing it is not a valid excuse. My main concearn was the fact the the council guy traced me to my office to make an ammendment on the FPN and the fact that he did not stop anyone else (who were males). I just thought it was a little strange. I will grudgingly pay the fine as what I did was wrong, but why single one person out - to make an example? And again the whole tracing my office down, I work in a sensitive environment and deal with vulnerable adults, I was in the middle of a case i
  3. Hi, I've just joined to see if anyone can give me advice on fixed penalty notices. I was given one today for throwing a cig dimp on the floor - wrong I know, I was in a rush. Anyway the council guy was on his own and materialised from nowhere. He approached me inside the reception area of my office block in front of everyone - embarresing especially as my boss was there. Other people were smoking and throwing dimps outside but he completely ignored them. He then located my office afterwards and asked for my FPN to make an ammendment - he'd put tomorrows date on it, which he corrected. He
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