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  1. Dear All, Thank you very much for your advice and here's some good news. After approximately 5 months, the PCN has BEEN CANCELLED! Who would have thought? To reiterate and to assist anyone who has a similar issue, I purchased a ticket from a Pay and Display ticket machine but the machine was incorrectly programmed with the date and time, hench a CEO issuing a ticket. I took the number of the machine and the CEO officer reporting to faulty machine and wrote to the Council asking for the ticket to be cancelled. They refused stating the CEO was NOT working that day and that particular machine was NOT reported faulty. I contacted the FOI Act for the Council in question asking for a list of CEO's working that day and a list of machines reported faulty. Interestingly, I inadvertently added a letter to the CEO's number, hence why my initial response for him working that day was negative. Also, the FOI stated that that machine was not reported faulty. I paid the nominal £40 fine in order to avoid it escalating I wrote again to the Council reiterating that this CEO was working that day and that said machine was reported faulty. Again, the response received was negative and the PCN was upheld and as I had paid the £40, "the matter was closed" as far as they were concerned. I, then again via FOI asked for dates that the ticket machine in question was reported faulty. This time, the FOI confirmed that the CEO was working that day and that ticket machine WAS reported faulty at that time. This time instead of writing to the Parking Department, I made an official complaint regarding the Council Employees who had contacted me stating: a) there investigations had not been thorough enough b) they had lied c) was there an issue of a cover-up as the FOI released information they had denied existed. I did not outwardly threaten legal/media action, but I did suggest that I was deciding what further action to take as being lied to and denying me the correct information is a serious matter. Within seven days I received a response from the Council stating that the Departments' investigations had not been thorough enough therefore the nominal amount I paid will be refunded. Bizarrely enough, today my husband received a Notice To Owner letter demanding the full £80 ie. the fact that I have paid the £40 had not been recorded. Hmmm.... Anyhow, was small victory.......... Many thanks for all who have assisted and advised in this matter. Regards,
  2. Dear All, Thanks for all your quick responses. I really appreciate it. The warden who I spoke to and called in regarding the faulty machine said he didn't put the ticket on the car - someone else did. I must've taken down the details of this Warden incorrectly. Most annoying. I should've taken a photo on my phone. Hindsight - what a wonderful thing. Interestingly, the council refuse to comment on the fact that I was not in London on the 5th May or the fact that that day is a Sunday and a ticket is not necessary. Thanks for the tip regarding receipts. I will look into that and I thought of acquiring CCTV of my car somewhere else on May 5 to prove I wasn't in London. Thanks for your help. I'll keep plugging away. Regards Bear
  3. Dear All, After scouring your website (and the internet in general) for information and advise on a particular situation, if anyone can give some advice on the below, I would be very grateful. On Weds 8 May, I parked my car on a road (London Borough of Camden) next to a ticket machine. I purchased a ticket, working out how much time I need and placed in on my dashboard. I returned to my car 20 minutes later (in plenty of time) and saw a PCN attached to the windscreen. A Traffic Warden was standing next to the ticket machine (and my car) on the phone, reporting in the ticket machine as faulty using the phrase "rolling backwards". My ticket does say that it was purchased on Sunday 5 May and due to expire on Monday 6 May I explained I had bought the ticket from that machine. He explained that the machine was faulty and I should write to the Council and the ticket would be cancelled. I made a note of his 'number' and the number of the ticket machine. I duly wrote to the council explaining all this, quoting the Traffic Warden, his details and the details of the ticket machine and asking them to cancel the ticket. They refused, saying that as the ticket is dated on 5 May it must have been bought on that day. They also said there is no Traffic Warden with the corresponding number that I gave and that particular ticket machine has not been reported as faulty. I have replied saying that on Sunday 5 May, me and my car were at my in-laws on the South Coast so I was not in London and could not have bought the ticket. Additionally, you can park for free on a Sunday therefore a ticket on 5 May (and 6 May as it is a Bank Holiday) is not required. Camden Council have refused to comment on these two issues and are upholding the fine. Any advise as to how I proceed? Bear.
  4. Thank you all very much for your responses. When i signed off JSA, I was told that this would automatically stop any other benefits I was receiving. Bizarrely, the Council Tax Benefit did stop straight away so it is odd that this one didn't either. I also changed bank accounts during this period, hence the oversight on my part. I've asked for all the documentation from the Council. Looks like I will have to negotiate a reimbursement programme with them. Bummer! xB
  5. Dear All, Any advice anyone can give I would be extremely grateful. I've found myself in a worrying situatin completely out of the blue. In January 2006 I was made redundent. I claimed JSA and Housing Benefit to get me through until I found another permanent job. I did so in June 2006, and immediately signed off JSA,and was told that any other benefits would automatically stop. Last week, I received a letter from Ham & Fulham Council stating that they had paid me Housing Beneift from June - October 2006 and that I need to pay it back - the sum is just shy of £2000. I did not notice the payments (my fault) but I am not in a situation to come up with such an amount of cash. I completely believed that all my benefits had ceased, I never signed on again etc and never heard a whisper from them untli now. As this is the Council's error and not mine, do I have to pay this back, and why after over 3 years can they ask me to do this? They claim to have written to me a various times over this three years (which I never received) and moved out of the borough in 2007. If anyone has any advice as to how to approach this, I would be very grateful as I am extremely worried and recieving such a horrid letter out of the blue is making me feel rather sick! Regards, Bear.
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